Where to Buy Edibles in Canada


If you’re new to cannabis edibles or getting reacquainted with them, you should look for dispensaries that offer the real deal. We know just where to buy edibles in Canada for the maximum value (and satisfaction) you’ve been craving all day long.

If there’s one thing Canadians can’t get enough of, it’s a sweet treat on the get-go. Let’s be honest: there’s nothing lovelier (and funner) than munching on a rich and decadent brownie that gets you high.

Let’s help you get your sweet tooth satisfied. We’ll cover the basics of cannabis edibles, how to eat them, and where to buy the best of the best for ultimate canna-bliss. Let’s get started.

Cannabis Edibles: An Overview

Edible cannabis products are one of the easiest and most effective ways of consuming marijuana. It’s not hard to see why. Unlike flowers or concentrates, they’re delicious and oh-so-hard to resist.

Edibles used to be unknown to many, even among recreational users. That’s because cannabis companies haven’t worked on their R&D yet. But gone are those days thanks to innovation that’s made these goodies so much more delicious.

Today, you’ll find them in more ways you can imagine. From decadent brownie cakes to CBD-infused chocolate, gooey caramels, to gummy fruit bears, there’s a treat for every kind of sweet tooth.

Types of Marijuana Edibles

Edibles come in so many shapes, sizes, and forms that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. We tried to keep this list as comprehensive as possible. And if we miss out on some, it’s probably because we haven’t tasted them yet (we’re on our way too).

Baked Goods

Baked goods are among the most popular marijuana edibles in the market right now. And seriously, what’s not to love about these decadent treats?

Cannabis brownies and cakes seem like good places to start when it comes to baking with cannabis. You’ve also got other pretty common choices like infused chocolate chips and energy balls. Honestly, the only thing limiting you (or your go-to manufacturer) is creativity.

You do need to be wary of how much you’re eating, though. Keeping track of how much THC or CBD you’re consuming isn’t the most straightforward task with baked edibles. These treats are also super delicious, so you might end up even more than you’ve initially bargained for.

That brings us to potency. When it comes to strength, baked goods are among the most potent edibles out there. The fatty oils present in these pastries have a unique interaction with cannabinoids, particularly THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). Some say the high you get is even stronger than smoking cannabis.


Cannabis-infused gummies have been making the rounds lately. Even if you’re not a fan of weed, these treats are chewy and sour in all the right ways.

Plus, they come in so many fun shapes and flavours that it’s impossible to resist snacking on them when someone offers! You can choose your favourite flavour or go the exciting route with a variety pack.

They’re usually a tasty way to medicate, but they don’t pack that hard wallop of a high, unlike weed brownies or cookies. Another great thing about gummies is that they offer precise dosing. You know precisely how much THC or CBD you’re getting with each treat.

It’s important not to overdo it, though. The delicious taste, coupled with the low dose per piece, could trick you into more.


For those wanting a more seamless delivery method, the cannabis-infused beverage is the way to go.

Cannabis in beverages has several advantages, such as simplicity of use, mobility, and flexibility. When compared to other marijuana ingestion methods, this method of cannabis consumption allows for more tasty options.

Beverages are the opposite of edibles. They’re less potent, but they act fast. The fast delivery is perfect for when you want to control your doses. A cannabis-infused beverage will allow you to leverage weed’s mood-enhancing qualities minus the adverse effects during the daytime. 

Some famous examples of cannabis-infused beverages include:

  • Sparkling water – flavoured sparkling water infused with a low dose of THC, CBD, or both. A perfect way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids while quenching your thirst.
  • Soda – similar to sparkling water but comes with even more delicious options. Household names include Tweed, Green Monke, and Keef.
  • Coffee and tea – caffeine and cannabis make for an incredibly delicious and potent stimulant. Infused coffee or tea is made by steeping ground buds together with beans or leaves. Alternatively, you can purchase premade bags that are just as good (or even better).
  • Beer – typically contains around 15% THC, CBD, or both. Infused beers allow one to enjoy alcohol without the morning-after hangover. THC beers encourage a tantalizing body high, while CBD beers make you feel relaxed.
  • Milk is made using cannabis oil or butter and is typically used with other beverages like hot chocolate, tea, cold coffee, and more.


When it comes to cannabis-infused edibles, there’s no more fantastic pairing than cannabis and chocolates. Both are known for their mood-enhancing properties. What better way to feel euphoric than enjoying your weed with some cocoa!

Chocolate has always been a popular choice for marijuana edibles because it’s delicious and makes your highs sweeter. They’re the go-to edibles for the older generation of weed users accustomed to their effects.

The chocolate bar is undoubtedly tasty, but it can contain high amounts of sugar and fat that aren’t very healthy for you at large doses. And just like all edibles, chocolates come in different strengths. Different chocolates will also affect the high, so read up on it before taking a bite.

Benefits of Weed Edibles

Not everyone enjoys smoking weed. Luckily, cannabis edibles allow potheads to enjoy the benefits of weed without having to huff one out.

Contains medicinal cannabinoids

The great thing about edibles is they’re infused with the very same cannabinoids that make weed great! It’s no secret that THC and CBD help boost appetite, relieve pain, and improve mental disorders.

Aside from cannabinoids, some edibles also contain weed’s unique terpenes and flavonoids. The aromatic compounds in weed work synergistically with THC and CBD to further enhance their medical benefits. There’s an official name for this phenomenon: the entourage effect.

Pro-tip: Look for edibles that contain broad-spectrum or full-spectrum extracts. Unlike isolates, these extracts contain terpenes and flavonoids for long-lasting effects and more complex flavours.

A great alternative to smoking

Smoking doesn’t always appeal to everyone, and it can be a nuisance in specific settings. Fortunately, edibles allow one to indulge in the benefits of weed without having to take a drag. Edibles are also an option for people who can’t smoke because of respiratory issues such as asthma.

If you don’t like the taste of weed, you should try out edibles. They also don’t taste much like a weed! Just watch out for high sugar content or artificial flavours.

Boosts appetite

People who use weed edibles also report that their appetite increases, which can be helpful for patients with cancer and AIDS. Weed edibles are also popular among people who want to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy without relying on pharmaceutical drugs.

A delicious way to get pain relief

People often find that cannabis edibles aid significantly in relieving pain. For patients suffering from chronic pain but who cannot withstand the taste of cannabis, edibles are the preferred delivery method.

Helps with mental disorders

Weed edibles are also helpful for those who suffer from mental disorders. The cannabis in the edibles creates an increased sense of well-being that can combat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Limitless options, even for homemade goods

It is possible to bake cannabis into almost any kind of food. There are even savoury dishes infused with weed, which may be less appealing to some people than the idea of making a pot brownie or candy bar. The options for what you can put marijuana in are endless.

The best part about cannabis-infused edibles is that they’re incredibly versatile to make and can be used in various recipes. Whether you want weed gummies, weed brownies, or weed chocolates – there’s a recipe out there for everyone. With any luck, you’ll never have to buy yourself another edible from the dispensary again!

Cannabis Edible Dosages: What You Need To Know

Despite the growth in popularity, there’s still a lot of confusion in the air regarding edibles. There is even less information about what dosage levels work best for different types of edibles.

As a result, many people end up taking more, believing that nothing is happening. If taken without supervision, even the least potent edible can lead to cannabis overdose.

Effects of cannabis edibles

Edibles work by entering through your digestive system after consumption. They take longer to kick in than other cannabis products, such as tinctures or vape pens.

The high from weed edibles is different than when you smoke it because your body absorbs THC through your stomach lining — not directly into your bloodstream as smoking does. When consumed, THC can have a similar but more potent effect.

Edibles that contain fats such as cannabutter or olive oil can induce even stronger, long-lasting highs.

The high begins 45 minutes to an hour after you eat edibles, peaks for about two hours, and then gradually wears off. Some people can still feel the effects even six or seven hours later!

Expect an intense body high. Weed edibles give you a body high that’s more intense than the head high from smoking or vaping weed. That means it can be harder for you to move around.

The strong effects can make you feel happy, relaxed, or couch-locked. Keep in mind that the edible weed is not a good choice if you’re going out for a night on the town — you might not be able to function well enough.

THC vs CBD edibles

There are two main types of cannabis edibles: THC (psychoactive) or CBD (non-psychoactive). Effects depend on the ratio of these two chemicals in the edible.

  • THC-infused edibles: Usually produce a more intense psychoactive high. A single dose of THC-infused edibles typically contains less than 30mg but can be as high as 100mg or more.
  • CBD-infused edibles: Produce no noticeable psychoactive effects at all. They’re usually available in the form of gummies, mints, or chocolates. CBD edibles are commonly used to treat pain and other medical conditions without causing a high.

How to Take Cannabis Edibles

Taking edibles is different from smoking or vaping weed. You can’t just eat one and expect to feel high — well, not right away. It doesn’t work that way!

Both amateur and seasoned potheads alike should know how to consume edibles for the best experience. The last thing you want is a cookie or a chocolate bar to leave you at a state more than you bargained for.

Watch your dose

A typical THC-infused weed edible should contain about 15 to 25 milligrams of THC – the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gets you high. But some edibles can have up to 100 mg of THC, which is way too much for a first-time user! Make sure you read the packaging carefully to know how much THC is in each dose.

Go low and slow, especially if you’re a newbie.

Don’t overeat in one go. Start small, and then wait at least two hours before taking more, even if you don’t feel anything yet. Wait until the effects of the first dose have worn off before taking more.

Edibles are tricky to dose, so you have to be careful when eating them. Don’t take too much in one go – it can cause nausea, vomiting, and even hallucinations.

Consume in moderation

Depending on which kind of edible you choose, always keep in mind the other ingredients you’re eating as well. Many edibles are high in fat and sugar, contributing to obesity, heart disease, and other health issues.

We recommend that you eat fatty cannabis sweets once or twice a week at most. You can be more lenient with sugar-free or low-sugar options.

Don’t eat on an empty stomach.

When you eat edibles, they take a while to kick in – about 45 minutes or more. That’s why it’s not a good idea to eat them on an empty stomach: You’ll get impatient and end up overeating.

A full stomach also contributes to a more extended absorption period for marijuana taken orally, which is why edibles typically take longer to kick in.

What should I do if I overdose?

If you overeat, you could end up having a bad trip and feeling anxious or paranoid. It’s not dangerous to overdose on weed edibles, but it can be uncomfortable for your body and mind – especially if it’s your first time trying them.

If this happens, don’t panic. Sit down in a safe, comfortable space and drink lots of water or tea to help you relax.

Weed edible side effects

Edibles are a great way to get high, but you mustn’t overdo them, especially if this is your first time-consuming edibles. If eaten too fast or without checking how much weed you’re taking, they can cause unpleasant effects.

Here are some common side effects when consuming cannabis edibles:

  • drowsiness, dizziness, or clumsiness
  • dry mouth
  • bloodshot eyes
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • headaches
  • paranoia and anxiety

Top marijuana edibles to try in Canada

We’ve reviewed hundreds of recent reviews on the best marijuana products out there. And dare we say, we’re pretty confident that these tasties won’t disappoint anyone looking for the ultimate edible experience!

Golden Monkey Extracts – Gummies – 240MG THC + 100MG CBD – Blue Raspberry Cola

It’s time to celebrate a childhood favourite. Forget candy canes and egg nog, and it’s time for gummy bears!

Golden Monkey Blue Raspberry Cola Gummies will give you the trip of your life. Sink into the incredibly fruity, vibrant flavours. Be careful not to gorge on these, though; you want to save them for all your adventures, don’t you?

God Graham Cracker Pecan Toffee Cups 250mg THC

A mouth-watering, delicious dessert that will hit the spot! These creative pecan toffee cups are made with dark chocolate and hand-rolled to create tiny pockets of creamy goodness. And shhh —this palatable soft center is topped with a generous helping of THC oil for those who like their desserts pot-infused AND powerful! 

BLISS Edibles – Tropical Assorted (200mg)

The perfect bite-sized treat for your active lifestyle, the Bliss Edibles – Tropical Assorted Gummies will give you a taste of Paradise while keeping your windows down and music up. With ten pieces in one package and 20mg of THC per gummy, prying these away from your candy dish will not be easy! 

Golden Monkey Extracts – Gummies – 240MG THC + 100MG CBD – Very Cherry Cola

These Very Cherry Cola gummies give you the sensation of delicious cola and a blast of cannabis in one. Made with vibrant cherry cola flavour, a single pack beautifully balances that sweet candy feeling and cannabis buzz for an all-in-one experience.

Ganja Edibles – Pineapple Sativa (50mg)

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to medicated edibles. Ganja Lollipops infused with high-quality, pure cannabis extract are the only ones you’ll need to help get through your day!

Each LollipopLollipop is made with 50 mg of a premium Sativa cannabis extract, making it perfect for daytime use. Get energized and creative without feeling too sedated or out of control. The ideal amount of THC in each LollipopLollipop will give you a good balance between relaxation and pain relief so that you can do what matters most: getting things done!

Kush Kitchen – Hard Candy 150mg

Kush Kitchen Hard Candy is the answer to any medicated sweets craving. With ten pieces per bag and 150mg of THC each, indulge in this sweet candy that may mellow your mood. Kush Kitchen’s medicated candies are discreet, easy to carry around. Get your THC relief without having to smoke or vape anything.

Why Buy Edibles Online in Canada

If you’re interested in CBD or THC edibles, you can always visit your local brick-and-mortar dispensary. Just be prepared for long waiting lines, limited stocks, or even inexperienced budheads.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a dispensary and making an order, buying weed edibles online is the most convenient option. You’ll find many reputable sites that sell the best brand for candies, chocolate bars, drinks, and more.


Online dispensaries offer high-quality products at an affordable price. Most offer directly-sourced commercial marijuana goods to customers. You might even get your treats at a discount.


Some people may enjoy using weed edibles in their social hobbies. You can protect yourself by buying cannabis products on the web. It also permits you to easily browse a vast selection of marijuana items without standing in line.


You just need an internet connection, and your order will arrive just as soon as possible, directly at your door! Save time and money by purchasing edibles online. Save on time. Save money.


Online dispensaries can’t survive based on being convenient alone. They’ve got to provide customers with the best products out there. When you buy your edibles from a reputable site, you are assured you’ll receive the best possible edible food quality.

Where to Buy Weed Edibles Online in Canada

Finding the right cannabis edibles can be challenging. There are so many options, and it’s hard to tell what brands are good, which ones will get you high, and which ones won’t.

If you’re looking for a trusted source of quality cannabis products, look no further than Chronic Paradise. Our mission is to provide the best quality cannabis products at competitive prices so that everyone has access to them. We offer a variety of items, including chocolate truffles, gummies, mints, and more!

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Top-quality cannabis and weed products

We have a wide variety of products to suit any need, so whether you’re looking for some top-quality cannabis or you’ve been searching for that perfect batch of edibles, we can provide it.

Chronic Paradise offers only the highest quality products from the best brands. Our product selection is continually growing with new and innovative brands and faithful recreations of classic flavours.

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Buying edibles online made easy.

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Where to Buy Edibles in Canada – Conclusion

Weed edibles are tasty, discreet treats that can be used to medicate or just for fun. With so many benefits and a wide variety to choose from, there’s never been a better time to buy edibles online in Canada.

Whether you want the taste of traditional brownies or prefer to have your weed-infused into other foods, we can help you find them all here at Chronic Paradise. We offer the best selection of marijuana edibles, including cannabis-infused chocolate bars, cookies, gummies, and more!

Our products come from top brands like Golden Monkey Extracts – Gummies – 240MG THC + 100MG CBD – Blue Raspberry Cola or Golden Monkey Extracts – Gummies – 240MG THC + 100MG CBD – Very Cherry Cola – so you know that we only sell quality goods. Start shopping today! You’ll be happy that you did when your package arrives fresh right at your doorstep within two days — guaranteed!

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