High Chew Edibles – Buying Guide


Cannabis edibles are known for their long-lasting effects. They offer a delicious way to consume marijuana in different flavors. But it takes some patience when you opt for this weed variety because the onset time might take an hour or so. When it comes to dosing, it might also be a bit challenging as overindulgence is common among people who can’t get enough of gummies, cookies, and other baked goods infused with CBD and THC.

You might have come across a wide selection of popular high-chew edibles in online stores or local cannabis shops. If you are interested in getting a taste of these products, one essential thing is knowing how to make well-informed choices. It’s not just about exploring all the items and getting anything that appeals to your senses. There’s more to cannabis edibles that you should understand from a much clearer perspective. So, in this article, we give you the benefit of learning more about different cannabis edibles and how to do the shopping wisely. 

What are High Chew Edibles? 

There are many cannabis products, including oil, tincture, topicals, and edibles. Edibles are the best option if you want a delicious way of enjoying the therapeutic and psychoactive effects. They contain cannabinoids and other ingredients that you can eat or drink. The two primary compounds in the marijuana extract used in making edibles are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CDB). When the product has higher THC content, you are likely to get euphoric and intoxicated, while if it’s concentrated with CBD, you’ll experience therapeutic benefits.

Quite interestingly, you can find a wide range of edibles in the market. Some would appear like everyday food items, but they are not primarily intended to provide any nutritional value. These products are valuable supplements to keep them fit and healthy for many consumers. Other people use them as alternative drugs due to their medical properties that can prevent and treat certain health conditions. It’s also a healthier alternative to smoking and vaping. 

How to Buy the Best Cannabis Edibles 

When buying the best edible for your needs, you should focus on the kind of experience you wish to get from cannabis consumption. If you want to chill out and relieve some stress and pain, find a product that offers such benefits. Once you are certain about your purpose, examine your choices based on their formulations.

Keep in mind that shopping for edibles requires market research that shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of convenience. There are marijuana dispensaries that offer vendor days and pop-ups, allowing you to avail of a face-to-face consultation with staff of different brands and clarify some things about the products. But that might not be enough to discover the best products that match your standards. Here are a few other things to keep in mind as you engage in weed shopping. 

Check the Reputation of the Manufacturer 

Not all cannabis edible manufacturers have an excellent reputation in the industry. You have to come to terms with that as you begin exploring the possible stores. Suppose you can find a trusted company, the better chance you’ll be getting quality products. But how do you know it’s a reputable provider? That’s where research comes in. It is recommended to read consumer reviews that feature customer satisfaction with the products and services. Another way is to navigate the online store and check out all the offerings. Gathering as much information can help you in making a good decision. 

Check the Source of CBD contents.

The marijuana plant that was grown is another factor when choosing the right edible cannabis product. This would determine the purity and potency of the cannabis extracts used in making edibles. In other words, the environment where the hemp source was cultivated has a huge impact on whether the product can offer an ideal experience. When the cannabis plant is produced in rich soil, it can absorb nutrients, making it a high-quality product. Many consumers are particularly looking for organic marijuana products because they’re pure and safe. 

Check the Method of Extraction 

There are several methods of extracting cannabinoids from the hemp plant. But the gold standard in the industry is CO2 extraction that produces clean and quality extracts. You should not skip this factor because how CBD and THC are extracted can affect the purity of the end product. This information may be seen on the label or the company’s website. If it’s not provided, then you might have to look elsewhere for a quality cannabis edible. 

Check the Certificate of Analysis 

A certificate of analysis is a document containing information about the contents of cannabis products. This is a result of third-party laboratory testing provided by the company. If heavy metals or harmful agents are specified in the COA results, you should avoid buying the item. As much as possible, look for manufacturers that have a clean record for the processing of cannabis edibles. It’s essential to ensure your safety as a consumer. 

Check the THC levels of Edibles. 

If you want to get high, you should essentially look for cannabis edibles with high THC levels. The laws in your area would also determine this matter. In Canada, the limit per package is 10 milligrams. There’s also a suggested serving size in each product, but you should always consider your tolerance level. When you consume beyond that, you might experience adverse side effects. Another importance of checking the THC content is determining the kind of experience you’ll have with the edibles. Some products with higher contents may be more ideal for producing desired effects. 

Decide on Your Purpose for Using Edibles 

Marijuana products can be used for medical or recreational purposes. You have to decide which one you wish to get at the outset. Once you are certain about that, check the labels to know the CBD and THC levels. It’s possible to enjoy both benefits with the combination of both compounds. But in most cases, you have to decide on the most dominant content to meet your needs. You should also be clear about your expectations with high chew edibles because this delivery method is different from others. The onset time may be longer, but the effects may also last for several hours. 

Consider the Price of High Chew Edibles 

Buying cannabis edibles comes with a cost. If you are very particular about your expenses, it might be crucial to look for a store that offers them at cheaper prices. There are hundreds of online stores and local shops in Canada, so that might be an easy task. Just keep in mind that product pricing is often associated with quality. Sometimes you might need to compromise one for the other unless you find both in one offer. But most likely, it’s a matter of doing the proper shopping to get your weed supply at the most competitive pricing. 

Most Popular Types of Cannabis Edibles 

As you explore the weed market, you’ll find several types of cannabis edibles. This offers a wide selection to choose from but might also make it hard for you to pick the best one. You should be familiar with the features of each product if you are seeking an ideal experience and enjoy the health benefits. So, here’s the list of the most popular types of edibles today:

  • Gummies – these are chewy edibles that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and flavors. You can buy some of the best cannabis gummies at Chronic Paradise. Check out our fantastic product selections by browsing our online store. We guarantee customer satisfaction with every purchase.
  • Chocolates – You can opt for chocolates infused with CBD and THC for a more delicious way to consume weed edibles. You can even give these products a gift to someone who loves chocolates. It also comes in different shapes and sizes.  
  • Baked Goods – brownies and cookies are also very popular among cannabis users. They’re the best variety for people who prefer a munchy snack with a cup of coffee. You can find many brands of this product in marijuana dispensaries. 
  • Hard Candy – lollipops, lozenges, and candies are becoming a trend among younger folks who enjoy consuming weed edibles. These products offer a quick and fun way of getting high or experiencing relief with CBD and THC contents. 
  • Beverages – coffees, sodas, teas, and cocoas are popular weed beverages. You can turn to these products if you prefer drinking cannabis instead. There are weed extracts that you can mix with your favorite drinks. 

How to Pick the Best Form of Edible 

Edibles come in several forms, including cookies, gummies, beverages, and more. It might seem easy to choose anything you like. The truth is, each option offers a unique experience. Gummies and chocolates are the best choices if you want a classic edible experience. They are easy and fun to consume, with effects kicking in from 30 minutes to two hours after ingestion. As you explore the market for this weed variety, you’ll also find low-dose products, which are pretty ideal for first-time users.

Suppose you want a fast-acting edible experience. The correct alternative is the cannabis beverage. While you have fewer options for this product, most drinks infused with CBD and THC are crafted for high-tolerance weed users. There are also low-dose options available in the legal market. These products have quicker effects, usually within 30 minutes of consumption.

Whichever edible form you want to consume, make sure you shop for cannabis-infused foods that are easy to dose. If you’re just starting, precision is essential to avoid overdosing. So, while it might be tempting to try 100 milligrams of edible products during a party with friends, it’s not always a good idea as it can spell disaster when too much THC is consumed. 

7 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Edibles 

It’s easy to choose the right cannabis edible for your needs when you’re equipped with all the facts about the product. Otherwise, you might have to resort to guessing games that don’t guarantee value to your purchase at all. If you’re serious about buying the best edibles in the market, don’t forget the following facts as you decide among your choices: 

Read the Product Label Carefully 

There are many varieties of cannabis edibles with unique ingredients and flavors. Some items may contain more THC and CBD than others. You can easily understand what the label says about the product contents since you’re already aware of how each compound affects your mind and body. As a beginner, consuming no more than 2.5 milligrams of THC and waiting to feel the effects before taking more is ideal. You should also be particular about the expiry dates and possible adverse interactions with your medications.  

Cannabis Edibles May Have More Intense Effects

Although the effects might take an hour or so to kick in, you will experience more intense euphoria when the edibles are loaded with THC. This ingestion method is widely known for its long-lasting effects. At the same time, edibles themselves are commonly packed with high concentrations of psychoactive compounds. When you ingest THC, your liver turns it into a more potent form which influences the intensity of the euphoric high. But proper dosing is essential as overdosing might result in adverse side effects. When that happens, you might need to seek medical attention. 

Cannabis Edibles Produce Long-Lasting Effects

As mentioned several times in this article, the effects of ingesting cannabis usually last longer than smoking or vaping the substance. The feeling of euphoria or relaxation could last up to 12 hours. Beginners should use these products in a safe and comfortable place and with friends who have experience in using them. As a piece of advice, don’t drive a vehicle or operate heavy equipment after using cannabis to avoid the possibility of accidents. 

Cannabis Edibles Take Time to Produce Full Effects 

Don’t expect the effects of cannabis edibles a few minutes after ingestion. It would usually take about 30 minutes to two hours for the full effects to kick in and last up to 12 hours. The THC first travels to your stomach and then your liver when you consume edibles until it reaches your bloodstream and brain. This process is unique in each user, making it difficult to predict the onset time of the compounds. That’s why overindulgence and overdosing are very common among beginners, which can trigger anxiety, panic, and even paranoia. It is always safe to wait for at least two hours and notice how the substance affects your system before consuming more. 

Edibles Should Not Be Mixed with Other Substances 

When you drink alcohol and consume edibles simultaneously, it would trigger more potent effects that can raise your risk of over-intoxication and impairment. Typical symptoms include panic, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, and paranoia. Don’t mix the two substances if you don’t want to experience these adverse reactions. Other products you should avoid mixing with edibles include nicotine, depressants, and stimulants because they can cause serious health complications. If you’re taking prescription drugs, consult your doctor first about whether it’s safe to use cannabis. 

Store Your Cannabis Edibles Properly 

Some edibles like brownies and cookies may be mistaken for ordinary food by kids and even adults. This accidental ingestion might cause severe health problems, especially when more edibles are consumed. That’s why it’s essential to find a secure place to store your weed supply. As much as possible, keep them out of children’s reach and label the storage properly. It would even be safer to use a lockbox to avoid untoward incidents. If someone you know has made a mistake and experienced adverse side effects, seeking medical attention might be necessary for some instances. In milder incidents, you don’t have to worry because the effects would subside over time. 

What to Check on the Labels of Edible Products 

It might be tempting to eat more edibles and feel as high as you want, but there’s a drawback if you are not disciplined on how much you take. The standard dose for this cannabis variety is 5 milligrams, which is also the typical measurement for most products. There are other doses, such as 10 milligrams, 20 milligrams, and so on.

Since dosing is a crucial aspect of weed consumption, you should necessarily check the package label that shows how much of a dose the edible is. This might be tricky for some novelty edible products like potato chips and drinks. As a rule of thumb, the label should indicate if the entire package is one dose or how to measure one dose.

When you buy a package of multiple edibles, the THC level is usually specified for the entire package. For example, a 100 high chew gummies box might say “100 mg,” which means that each gummy is 10 milligrams. If you think that a single dose is too large, you may divide it into half and take the dosage. Also, don’t forget to read other important information about the ingredients used in the product. 

Health Benefits of High Chew Edibles 

As with other forms of cannabis, edibles also provide health benefits for consumers. They are typically used for medical and recreational purposes, most popular for therapeutic and euphoric effects. But these effects also depend on the dosage that you take. For example, the higher dosage of THC-packed edibles could intensify the psychoactive impact on the mind and body. Overindulgence is quite common as these products come in delicious tastes and flavors due to the longer onset time. When you properly consume high chew edibles, here are the key benefits that you might experience: 

Relaxation and Anxiety Relief 

High chew edibles contain THC that produces psychoactive effects, such as feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Another compound usually included in the product is CBD, which is proven to relieve anxiety. This finding is validated by a 2019 study claiming that over 79% of people with anxiety or sleep problems have experienced relief throughout taking the product. Although more studies are needed, the available data offers hope among people seeking an organic alternative drug. 

Muscle Spasm Control 

People who have a muscle spasm experience a sudden and involuntary movement in one or more muscles. It is generally caused by stress, dehydration, and exercise. Many doctors recommend medicinal cannabis for the treatment of this medical condition. Research claims that the substance can improve muscle spasticity and other types of pain. Edibles are a popular variety for people seeking relief from muscle spasms. 

Pain Management 

CBD and THC products also have analgesic properties, giving you relief from chronic pain and inflammation. As such, edibles containing these compounds can be an excellent alternative for people prone to such medical conditions. Many studies confirmed that the product could improve cancer pain, arthritis, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia symptoms. 

Antiseizure Effects 

If you experience sudden and uncontrolled electrical disturbance in your brain, chances are you might have a seizure. This can cause changes in your movement, behavior, and levels of consciousness. One of the effective treatments today comes in the form of CBD products. Studies claim that the substance can improve seizure control, especially among those with specific epilepsy syndromes. Consuming edibles is one way to ingest cannabis and get relief from seizures. But more research is needed to make an absolute claim about the efficacy of the substance for treating epilepsy. 

Understanding THC and CBD Contents in Edibles 

Some high chew edibles have both THC and CBD contents that produce an entourage effect where one substance balances the stronger impact of another. CBD can block the intoxicating effects of THC in the body, allowing you to get relief without as much impairment. This combination is also proven to enhance the medicinal effects of the product and decrease adverse reactions.

Those marijuana edibles usually have an equal ratio of THC and CBD, which can produce powerful therapeutic effects with minimal impairment. When you consume products with different ratios, the effects depend on which substance is more dominant. THC has psychoactive effects, while CBD has therapeutic benefits. If the edible has higher CBD levels, you are less likely to experience intoxicating effects. On the other hand, consuming excessive amounts of edibles with THC, regardless of how much CBD they contain, can still produce an unpleasant experience. 

Proper Dosing for High Chew Edibles 

Every weed user has a unique experience with the substance. Some are satisfied, while others may be seeking better effects. The underlying reason is that each individual has a different tolerance level, metabolism, body weight and takes the product at varying doses. Even consuming the exact dosage, two individuals may still respond differently to a similar product. If this is your first time using high chew edibles, consider the following guides on how much THC you should eat to get high. 

  • Take 1 – 2.5 milligrams of THC edibles if you are a first-timer or prefer to microdose the product. This dosage is ideal for mild relief of symptoms, such as stress, anxiety, and pain. It can also increase your focus and creativity. 
  • Take 5 milligrams of THC edibles if you consume the product for everyday recreational use. This can address those symptoms that lower dosage can’t provide relief for. The possible effects include euphoria, sedation, altered perception, and impaired coordination.  
  • Take 10 milligrams of THC edibles if you have a high THC tolerance. This dosage may be highly strong that it can impair your coordination and perception, which may not be favorable for unaccustomed users. 
  • Take 20 milligrams of THC edibles if you have a significantly high tolerance to the substance or a decreased glycaemic index. You will experience intense euphoria that would alter your perception and impair your coordination. 
  • Take 50-100 milligrams of THC edibles if you are an experienced user with high tolerance to the substance. This dosage is also ideal if you seek relief from chronic medical conditions, such as cancer and inflammatory disorders. However, you should watch out for possible side effects, including nausea and increased heart rate. 

Tips for Safe Dosing of High Chew Edibles 

It’s tricky to dose cannabis edibles because the effects might take hours to kick in. Their tasty and flavourful form can also cause overindulgence among some users. As a result, adverse side effects may be experienced. That’s why as a beginner, you should start low and go slow. You should initially determine your tolerance level by observing how your body reacts to the substance.

More likely, you have a lower tolerance if you haven’t consumed weed before. In this case, the safest dose would be 2.5 mg of THC. As you ingest the edible, wait at least one hour and observe the effects on your mind and body. Make sure that you consume the product in a comfortable environment, which can also affect your overall experience. For example, if you take edibles in an unsafe place with an anxious mood, you may experience an unpleasant high. But if you have a happy mood in a convenient space, you are likely to enjoy the effects.

Keep in mind that taking more edibles can produce an unpleasant experience, even in a positive setting. So make sure that you find the proper dosage that works best for you. It would be best if you also stayed hydrated because eating edibles on an empty stomach can affect your weed experience, particularly faster effects. The substance may be less potent when you ingest the product on a full stomach. If you don’t feel any effects after an hour, consider eating a snack that can turn on digestion and absorption in your stomach. 

Possible Side Effects of Cannabis Edibles

One of the most common concerns about high chew edibles is the possibility of overdosing. Some users might overindulge in the products because they’re sweet and delicious. It might also be a bit challenging to find the best dosage. You need to experiment with consuming cannabis edibles and notice the effects. But once you identify the dosage that’s best for you, you will have a pleasant experience.

Another issue associated with edibles is the old plant matter used in creating them. If a company uses an old flower to create infusions, the product would have a high level of CBD, resulting in drowsiness and lethargic behavior when consumed. It’s essential to shop for edibles made from fresh cannabis so that you can experience the desired effects. As a rule of thumb, look for reputable dispensaries that sell edibles from high-quality ingredients and take precautions about your dosing. Otherwise, you run the risk of going through the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Paranoia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Hallucinations
  • Impaired Mobility 

You should also watch out for accidental ingestion among children, pets, and other household members. Edibles can be mistaken for ordinary cookies, candies, or baked goods. So, proper storage is essential to keep everyone safe. Additionally, when CBD and THC contents interact with your medications and cause adverse reactions, you need to stop the ingestion and consult your doctor, significantly if your condition worsens. 

Where to Buy the Best Weed Edibles? 

If you’re serious about getting high-quality weed edibles, you should begin by searching for a trusted company selling these products. There are hundreds of sellers out there, so choosing the right provider might be a tad overwhelming. We suggest that you don’t settle for less. As you explore your choices on where to buy edibles in Canada, you’ll undoubtedly come across Chronic Paradise. Our company has an excellent reputation for cannabis products, including high-chew edibles, cannabis oil, and many others. 

Shopping at our online store is proven secure and convenient. You can spare a few minutes of your time to check out our amazing offers. If you’re also seeking more facts about marijuana, such as “Why are edibles so effective?” We have educational contents that would make you a well-informed buyer. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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