Edible Dosage Chart by Weight


Cannabis edible dosage is one of the most common questions we hear from edibles customers. How much edible should I eat? What’s the best edible dosage for beginners, advanced and experts? This article will answer those questions and more! We’ll also provide a handy edible dosage chart by weight to help you figure out how much edible you should consume according to your weight. If you’re looking for cannabis edibles online in Canada, check out our website today!

Table of Contents
1. How long do cannabis edibles take to work?
2. How long do cannabis edibles effects last?
3. Edible Dosage chart by weight
4. Beginner edible dosage
5. Advanced edible dosage
6. Expert edible dosage
7. Edibles Dosage Last Thoughts

How long do cannabis edibles take to work?
Before taking edibles you need to know how it works, it is different from smoking or vaping. The main difference is the onset time. The onset time for edibles is between 30 and 120 minutes. It is different from person to person, it depends on other factors like weight, metabolism rate and tolerance to cannabinoids (THC & CBD).

For example, if you smoke only one joint the onset time will be very fast, almost instantaneous as it goes directly from your lungs to your bloodstream. With edibles it has to go through all your digesting system to finally get to your bloodstream this is why it can take up to 2hours

To start we recommend that you wait 2 hours before having another edible. If you are not feeling anything after this time then try eating another edible or smoking again, but be careful with the dosage because if you start to feel high it is very easy to overdo it and experience a bad trip!

How long do cannabis edibles effects last?
Edibles last longer than when you smoke weed, the good thing is it does not get you super high, instead, the effect of edibles is pretty stable and long-lasting, which makes edibles a great way to treat health conditions or just enjoy being high without having to smoke or ingest cannabinoids every now and then. It is hard to answer this question in a straightforward way because everyone is different (metabolism, weight, tolerance…) and of course the more you ingest and the longer the effect will last.

On average edibles will last for about 2-4 hours for the beginners, 4-8 hours for the intermediate and 8-12 hours for the expert dosage.

Edible Dosage chart by weight
The edible dosage depends mainly on the edible strength, the individual weight and the THC tolerance. For this reason, it is important to know how much edible you can ingest based on those three factors. The following list includes a guide of edible dosage by body weight from beginners to experts:

100 pounds or 45 kg 6mg 19mg 63mg
120 pounds or 54 kg 8mg 23mg 75mg
140 pounds or 63.5 kg 9mg 26mg 88mg
160 pounds or 72.5 kg 10mg 30mg 100mg
180 pounds or 82 kg 11mg 34mg 113mg
200 pounds or 90.72 kg 13mg 38mg 125mg
220 pounds or 99.84 kg 14mg 41mg 138mg
Edible Dosage Chart in THC milligrams by Weight depending on your tolerance.
As we mentioned before it is hard to give the perfect dosage for each and every one however this chart can be used as a guide. Simply experience on your own slowly and you will soon figure out the dosage you really need based on your experience and weight!

Beginner edible dosage
A beginner dosage for edible is between 5mg and 20mg THC. Always start with a small dose, usually, edibles start at 10mg for gummy’s. You can easily split an edible into halves to make your edible dosage perfect for your needs! This level of THC is considered as “mellow high”.

5mg: considered as best for 1st timer and micro-dosing.
10mg: considered as the average dosage for beginners, you will get the effect of weed such as red eyes and dry mouth
20mg: you will get high and feel mellow. You will probably have a short memory at this point.

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Advanced edible dosage
The advanced dosage for edibles is between 30mg and 50mg for THC edible. This dosage is recommended to people who have previous experience with edibles or cannabis users. This dosage is considered a mild effect if you are used to cannabis.

30mg: You will most likely be in an elation state, laughing for almost no reason. This is the perfect time for you to relax and watch Scary Movie 2 on Netflix. You might also experience drowsiness at this point.
50mg: You are now in a state of euphoria and you are in a deep relaxation. If you wait a couple of hours you will probably have munchies. So keep some food and drink handy because you will need it! At this point, you might feel cognitive impairment.

Expert edible dosage
The expert edible dosage is between 100mg to 1 000mg. This dosage should be taken by experienced, high-tolerance THC consumers and patients living with inflammatory disorders, cancer, and other serious conditions. If you usually need 4g of marijuana flower or four joints in order to get high, then you only need one edible at this dosage! At this point, it is hard to describe the effects because you need serious tolerance or health condition to take it.

The potential adverse effects of this dosage are Panic, Paranoia and Nausea. So if you are not experienced just run away from those!

100mg: Intense high. 100mg is often the dosage for experienced cannabis smokers, so no worry if you smoke daily. At this point you might not feel muscle aches and headaches. You are deeply relaxed. A potential adverse effect, you can start feeling unease.
200mg: Even experienced cannabis smokers will feel it and probably take a nap at some point and wake up a few hours after.
500mg: This is more of a challenge than a regular dosage. At this point, you want to test your limits if you eat everything at once. Most people will simply split into pieces and enjoy it bit by bit.
1000mg: This is the most extreme edibles you can find. We don’t recommend anyone to eat it at once, but we know people that have extreme tolerance to THC can do it. You will most likely end up sleeping for 10hours straight. For this level of edibles we just suggest that you split at least in 4 and take a piece every hours.

Edibles Dosage Last Thoughts
Cannabis-infused edibles are a great way to get the effects of cannabis without smoking or inhaling smoke. Understanding your dosage is key because it can be tricky for beginners and experts alike, but our blog post has you covered with some tips on how much to eat based on what kind of effect you want!

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