Intro to Vaping For Beginners

What exactly is vaping?

In essence, a vape device is a battery-operated accessory that heats an object to create a vapour that is then inhaled. (The vapour, also known as an aerosol, is a suspension of tiny liquid or solid particles in the atmosphere.) In contrast to smoking, which burns the cannabis plant, heating the product releases the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Only vape pens can be used to vape cannabis extracts that have been pre-filled cartridges. Other extracts, such as hash, shatter, resin, and rosin, are consumed through burning or heated to a particular temperature using a special apparatus. Consider the potency and the effects on your body before using extracts like hash, shatter, resin, or rosin since some products can contain up to 90% (900 mg/g) of THC. If you are trying a new product, start with a very little amount and wait at least two hours to see how it affects your body before drinking more.

What Does a Vape Device Look Like?

Vapes can be portable or pen-shaped, disposable, or recharged using cartridges that have already been filled with cannabis extract. A mouthpiece, tank or reservoir (which houses the vaping product), heating element, and battery are the four essential components of a vaporizer.

What to Consider Before Vaping

When purchasing a vape device, keep in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks, just like with any cannabis product. Pens are convenient and small, however, the refillable variety needs to be recharged. Although vaporizing dry flower produces less visible vapour than using a vape device, they cannot be used in locations where smoking is prohibited.

The key distinction between vaping and joint smoking is that minimal smoke is produced when vaping because nothing is burned. THC is absorbed by the blood in the lungs and swiftly goes to the brain when cannabis is breathed, whether through vaping or smoking a joint. This results in an almost immediate effect, possibly within minutes.

What matters most when buying a vape? Never buy illegally. Products sold illegally have not been subjected to any safety regulations or tests for microbiological and chemical contamination. Every product supplied by and Authorized Cannabis Stores, including vapes and accessories, must pass stringent quality assurance procedures as mandated by the Canada Consumer Product and Safety Act. And only products for cannabis vaping, including dried flower and concentrates, that are made by processors authorized by Health Canada may be marketed.

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