Nepal Hash

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Nepal takes one step above any other Nepalese regional made hashish. Always known for super high quality sticky black Nepalese hashish. This hash gets you very high. The concentration of THC is astounding. This hashish is not usually pressed with a machine. Some will argue their best to make sure you know the good super hash comes from Nepal.

Simply by taking a close look, a well-seasoned veteran can tell the potency is superb.

AA grade hash obviously can’t be compared to AAA or AAAA when it comes to appearance and effectiveness (THC level), but they still have their place and will get you stoned. AA grade strains or buds generally has some brown or other off-color appearances. Also, as a general rule of thumb, the lower the grade quality, the darker the ash you will get when smoked.

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1 review for Nepal Hash

  1. dman45007 (verified owner)

    Very good hash. Potent and tasty.

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