Paradise Budder – 1g

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The versatility of this marijuana extract makes it easy-to-use whichever way users would prefer. While there are several ways to consume budder, we will highlight some of the most popular in this section.  Dab it, incorporate it into a joint, or a vape it (only some vaporizers can vape it)

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What is Budder?

Budder, also referred to as budder wax, is a variation of standard cannabis wax, hence the full name. It falls under the category of cannabis extracts and cannabis wax, along with other products you may have already heard of, including honeycomb, shatter, hash oil, crumble, and other BHO products.

What makes budder stand out from its sibling concentrates is its desirable texture. As you may have gathered, this easy-to-use extract is similar in consistency to standard cooking butter. Ultimately, a user’s preferred concentrate boils down to their specific resources and accessories and their specified desired texture.

How is Budder made?

Budder is created using state-of-the-art scientific equipment by individuals with advanced training.

The dangers surrounding its creation lies in the chemical solvents used, which include butane and CO2.  These solvents are used to ‘blast’ through cannabis plant matter to extract THC and other desirable components of cannabis. The resulting mixture created must then be purged to make sure there are no residual solvents.

Other concentrates, including crumble and shatter, are purged using similar methods for the same reason.

The final product should contain a high concentration of THC with no residual solvents. The advanced technology used to purge the extract is the primary reason why budder is not practical for users to extract themselves at home.

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Paradise Budder – 1g

  1. mrhamiota (verified owner)

    Decent. Excellent price!!!

  2. daggzdm

    Hits the spot

  3. ashtonrjwatkins


  4. biking661 (verified owner)

    One of my favourites! Great price

  5. biking661 (verified owner)

    I will keep ordering this stuff! Fire 🔥

  6. Darren Giroux (verified owner)

    The budder was good. It was very potent and the price was right!

  7. Renee Castonguay (verified owner)

    Fisrt time trying this and it is a very nice add to rolly’s. Love the taste, will buy again.

  8. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    This butter has a great buzz lasted a long time super strong and I like the that there are all kinds of strains to choose from we ordered Tangie and Wedding Cake it was top notch AAAA quality ” try some out you will like it !

  9. gusmatoo292 (verified owner)

    Very strong butane taste blue dream. Have a good one from coral harbour 😉

  10. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    This really bumped up my HIGH when paired with my regular bud;exceptionally great buzz;lasted a long time;great euphoric HIGH;I was in Never Neverland ;loved it ;Woild buy again; Thanks C P ,Mike

  11. Taylor Smith (verified owner)

    Not as pictured, isn’t soft /whipped budder consistency, more dry/crumbly but smells delish

  12. Raii13 (verified owner)

    Love the great tastee and great feeeeling that lasts long and awesome after math with the munchies lol

  13. alsheikh.rami (verified owner)

    It’s so good, excellent price too..

  14. Raii13 (verified owner)

    Awesome taste i would purchase again and with the great deal👌😁

  15. Raii13 (verified owner)

    Awesome taste and there should be more stuff so it lasts for abit

  16. Scott Vorreiter (verified owner)

    Versatile and easy to dab or add to a bowl .

  17. Raii13 (verified owner)

    Great taste but tooo soft and mooooshy can barely scooop it lol

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