Jamaican Gumball

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This hash provides for a strong Indica high through its soft and flexible texture. This is thought to be where the name comes from thanks to its gum like flexibility. This hash is made purely from indica dominant strains and a fantastic full body high as you would expect from such an original of the industry and from one of the most popular nations in the world for a hash. This Jamaican Gumball Hash provides the real OG experience for those who can handle it well.

There is a strong scent from the gumball. This is something to keep in mind before using it. The aroma is strong and earthy as you would expect from such a hash. Users have noted the strong flavor and sticky texture of the Jamaican gumball. The full body high is relaxing and more powerful than many would expect. This would certainly leave you locked in with a deep, relaxing, full body high that even experienced users may not have anticipated. The high can be one which lasts for several hours, therefore it is best if you have completed all of your tasks for the day as this one will keep you high and incapacitated for quite a while.

When it comes to medicinal treatments, the implementation of Jamaican Gumball Hash can be widespread and beneficial. The relaxing impact of gumball makes it ideal for treating chronic pain conditions. Insomnia can also be very effectively treated with use. Anxiety and other nerve-related conditions should also show positive signs with this hash as well as ADHD and the offering of relief from muscle pain and cramps.

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1 review for Jamaican Gumball

  1. chopintag (verified owner)

    Good taste Nice buzz love it

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