Paradise Diamonds – 1g

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What Are THCA Diamonds?
Cannabis diamonds are a form of cannabis concentrate that you can smoke or vape. Just like its name suggests, THCA diamonds appear as solid crystalline structures that are semi-transparent and, well, look like diamonds.

1 gram
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How Are Cannabis Diamonds Made?
Diamonds are interesting in that they are actually made from another kind of concentrate called sauce. Known for it’s runny and glossy appearance, sauce is created through a closed-loop process that adds solvent to cannabis, then removes it to achieve a solution (or concentrate). The sauce concentrate is then put through another process, also called diamond mining, where heat and pressure create crystalline structures called diamonds.

How Do You Consume Diamonds?
Just like any other concentrate, you’ll need to heat up diamonds before you get high.This concentrate can be consumed by smoking, vaping or dabbing. You’ll want to invest in some high-quality equipment to maximize your concentrate experience.  You can also add diamonds to your joint and smoke it. All you have to do is take a diamond, crush it up, and sprinkle it in with your dried flower – much like you would do with kief.

How Do Cannabis Diamonds Differ From Other Concentrates?
THCA diamonds are the most potent concentrate and can contain up to 99.9% THC when heated up. That’s a massive difference from other concentrates that have a general THC potency of 70-90%. As always, consume responsibly.

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Paradise Diamonds – 1g

  1. Mathieu Labrie (verified owner)

    Goût fort et odeur chimiques, buzz intense

  2. nwoods6611 (verified owner)

    Smooth, no cough. Fruity and delicious

  3. ashtonrjwatkins

    best thing on earth

  4. debbie.snoof.robertson (verified owner)

    I keep coming back to this. It is the best smoke yet. Smooth as silk. No coughing.

  5. blitzpat1979 (verified owner)

    Juste incroyable wow buzz vraiment top

  6. Darren Giroux (verified owner)

    Diamonds are the best you can get. I love the flavor and the smell or lack of smell that the diamonds have. Very potent.

  7. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    This is some great diamond’s very strong lasts awhile and the buzz lasted awhile its AAAA grade great selection ” you need to get some you will like it !

  8. steventanner1 (verified owner)

    Delicious tasting and potent af

  9. matthewryandemeester (verified owner)

    I have to agree with the other reviews, this is great stuff. I put some with some okay weed in to a joint and it made it 10 times better.

  10. Richie (verified owner)

    it was tasty

  11. stangottimckay (verified owner)

    Good stuff! Burns really good would recommend

  12. Joel Dube (verified owner)

    it’s not the same as last time the color is really not pleasant like orange and not White. the taste is terrible, really not good

  13. Scott Vorreiter (verified owner)

    Tastes good and good bang for ur buck

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