Spend over $200 and get a free 1/2 oz of AA flower! - your choice. USE CODE: MOVEMBER200
Spend over $200 and get a free 1/2 oz of AA flower! - your choice. USE CODE: MOVEMBER200

House Shatter

(28 customer reviews)

$19.00 $13.30

Premium House shatter picked by our team.  Best bang for your buck!

  • 1 gram*shatter consistency may vary depending on strain

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What is shatter?
Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that is named for its hard, glass-like consistency that tends to crack, or shatter, when broken apart. It is typically gold or amber in color. Although shatter is popularly believed to be more potent or pure than other types of extracts, this is not always true; its appearance instead has only to do with the extract’s molecules being less agitated during production.

Shatter is usually dabbed, a method of consumption that involves flash vaporization off of a specialized water pipe called a dab rig. This glassy extract has a reputation for being potent, though it can range in potency depending on the chemical composition of the source plant and the extraction techniques and equipment used. While the high watermark for cannabis flower tends to sit around 30% THC, shatter extracts may test upward of 80% to 90% THC.

Difference between shatter and wax
Shatter refers to cannabis extracts that take on a hard, glassy form while waxes are softer and more malleable. The difference between shatter and wax is primarily a superficial one: it’s merely a cosmetic difference caused by a difference in molecular agitation. Shatter maintains its glass-like consistency because the molecules in the extract were left undisturbed during processing, whereas the molecules in wax were agitated.

The level of transparency achieved in the production process does not reflect the potency of the extract. In other words, shatter is not necessarily higher in THC than wax, and vice versa. To determine the potency and chemical composition of any given extract, refer to the lab results of individual products at your local dispensary.

One practical difference between shatter and wax has to do with ease of use. Wax is softer and sometimes easier to handle using dabbing tools like scoops. Because shatter tends to crack apart into unpredictably sized pieces when broken, you may find that it’s a little harder to scoop and dose the correct sized dab.

Reviews (28)

28 reviews for House Shatter

  1. Dustin (verified owner)

    Last time I ordered shatter I got a great deal, it came extremely quickly. The product was really good and the customer service was really good too. Was skeptical because the price was so low, but it more than proved to be worth it.

  2. Karrie Burling (verified owner)

    affordable price for great shatter.

  3. chronic709 (verified owner)

    Great for house shatter . Best 2 are gelato and cherry pie

  4. Jan Osbo (verified owner)

    Good deal and product! Won’t find better for this price.

  5. stompy (verified owner)

    good stuff

  6. nick-wright (verified owner)

    Hands down the absolute best house made shatter I’ve ever smoked. I got it on sale for $16 a gram. My only problem is I didn’t buy more!!! I’m buying more now before it’s gone.

  7. Stu (verified owner)

    Great product. Great price. I bought it on sale but still worth it at full price.

  8. Jeff Gosbee (verified owner)

    Good smoke for the price thanks guys

  9. daggzdm

    All sorts of flavors for cheap

  10. Mathieu Labrie (verified owner)

    Très bien, bon goût, couleur orange et bon buzz !

  11. Denise Breau (verified owner)

    Best shatter quality/price. Good buzz smokes very well in Evolve Plus , use all day long😄😄

  12. Gary (verified owner)

    Grape is my fav. Smoke all day.. although my last order was all sugar

  13. Greg Mann (verified owner)

    Nice and smooth.

  14. Greg Mann (verified owner)

    Great taste.

  15. Melanie Filion-Shields (verified owner)

    I’m going on a trip in my favorite rocket shit!
    It slaps.

  16. Melanie (verified owner)

    One of my fav products because of the consistent quality. Great price 👍 Great buzz.

  17. ashtonrjwatkins (verified owner)

    deadly stuff

  18. ashtonrjwatkins (verified owner)

    deadly stuff

  19. steventanner1 (verified owner)

    High test. Very potent

  20. Darren Giroux (verified owner)

    The Northern Lights shatter will knock your socks off. It had a good flavor.

  21. Steeven Simard (verified owner)

    House shatter vraiment nice au gout je recomande

  22. koval_33 (verified owner)

    Best product for Price quality. Flavor are very intense . Good house shatter i would buy more. Put into joint too

  23. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    I ordered Lemon Skunk and it was so strong well worth the money some great product here folk’s I’m coming back for more great price !

  24. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    The Northern Light shatter was the best it was a good buzz lasted awhile and that’s a amazing price get some you will like it !

  25. Raphael Lemoine (verified owner)

    i orderd juicy fruit and i loved it and the feeling

  26. Raphael Lemoine (verified owner)

    lemon skunk is the best no doubt would try again

  27. Dennis Poulin (verified owner)

    Tried 10 different strains. IMO Some better than others but all decent dabbing material.

  28. biking661 (verified owner)

    Gusher was great! very tasty and potent.

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