Euphoria Psychedelics – Galaxy Capsules 3000MG

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Directions: Take 1 capsule and wait 30-60mins to determine tolerance level. Capsules can be taken individually or stacked for full effects. It’s important to eat and hydrate while consuming mushrooms so your body can better absorb the dose and reap the benefits.

What are the benefits to Psilocybin Mushrooms? – boost mood and mental clarity – improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and more – increase creativity, focus, and memory

Ingredients: CBD, ginger & psilocybin mushrooms.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place out of reach from children and pets.

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Galaxy pills are for experienced users wanting to fly high with a. Easy take off. Eating all those dry handfuls of not so tasty mushrooms can be hard on the mouth and stomach. Dosed at 500mg psilocybin mushrooms and 50mg ginger to cope with nausea these are perfect for easy ingestion. Have a safe flight!

Dosage : 500MG x 6 Capsules


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