Daddy Long Legs Shrooms

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Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms gets its name because of the very long stalks, just like the legs of the famous spider. The Daddy Long Leg magic mushroom is a home grown special variety from the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia Canada. It is one of the new homegrown strains that we offer. It is a consistently well-reviewed strain which elicits strong visual stimulation, feelings of euphoria, love, and unity, deep vibration or “buzzing” felt throughout the body. This makes it a great “social” strain to enjoy with friends.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Daddy Long Legs Shrooms

  1. Walt (verified owner)

    2.5gr good for hrs. Good shrooms good buzz but lots more stems than crowns

  2. karlgoyette (verified owner)

    Un goût fort quanb on le mâche mais ses pas si mauvais que ça. Je vous conseil de ne pas en prendre plus que 3.5g pour une première fois et être avec des amis qui en prennent avec vous. Vous allez rire et vous n’allez pas halluciner sans arrêt non. Ses plus au niveau corporel, vous allez tout ressentir et ses très agréable. Y’a aucun mal buzz. Amusez-vous bien 😉

  3. karlgoyette (verified owner)

    Strong taste but not that bad, take no more than 2.5g for the first time in your life. Go beyond that, for the experienced consumer. You will have fun with your friends and the buzz is really fun. For my part, I’ve never seen things so bright in my kitchen. lollll 😉

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