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Panaeolus cyanescens, also known as Blue Meanies, are a soft, tiny mushroom that grows in warm and tropical environments. The mushrooms spawn upon the dung of cow and water buffalo. The spores are black and the fruiting bodies are usually spotted with blue colored flakes as they get older (hence the name Blue Meanies).

Blue Meanies are well known to contain healthy, rich amounts of psilocine, psilocybin, and are much more psychedelic then less rare/easier to grow strains such as the Golden Teacher. The islanders of Bali, in particular, have a long history with the recreational use of the mushrooms for festivals and celebrations…as well as for creative artistic expression (and for inspiration). Blue Meanies are very commonly sold to travelers and tourists in Bali and similar regions for their hallucinogenic activity.

Effects: Euphoria, Hallucinations, Happiness and Extreme Laughter

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Blue Meanie

  1. Gary Kubica

    Good and strong shrooms

  2. jamielocke75 (verified owner)

    They were awesome, definitely buy again

  3. jamielocke75 (verified owner)

    Good and strong just what a person is looking for , will buy again

  4. jamielocke75 (verified owner)

    Very good , very happy lol will buy again

  5. milan_chris (verified owner)

    It was a great experience.
    Very giggly and visual.
    We each took 3 grams and it lasted around 5 hours.

  6. gregdacosta (verified owner)

    great fungi Is always a great time with this strand. Relatively fast-acting.
    And long-lasting. Wouldn’t wouldn’t suggest for a beginner. Or if so small dosage.

  7. gregdacosta (verified owner)

    Great product does exactly what you wanted to do and quickly. Will not be disappointed with these

  8. Obree Richardson (verified owner)

    Love the blue meanies, it’s strong and give ya a good experience!

  9. Obree Richardson (verified owner)

    I love blue meanies a lot, these were really potent and I had amazing visuals, took about 3GS and I was TRIPPING!

  10. Timm Johns (verified owner)

    Great mushroom, recommend lemon tekking with these, acts faster and no stomach discomfort.

  11. kevinyent (verified owner)

    Loved them! Have not had Shrooms since I was in my early 20’s & these were exactly as I remember them. To think what I paid for my ounce on sale was a steal for these!

  12. kevinyent (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering these & have really enjoyed. Good quality & well worth the cost

  13. basils.stitching (verified owner)

    Good stuff! Will buy again it was a fun trip

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