Sesh Blunts (1.5g) – AAAA – Sativa

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Sesh blunts are made with hemp wraps hand rolled with 1.5 grams of AAAA flower, premium distillate and kief. The outside is coated with distillate and kief.

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7 reviews for Sesh Blunts (1.5g) – AAAA – Sativa

  1. C.G

    I shared this 5 ways with my family on thanksgiving and man we were all blasted. Smooth af and the coating on the filter tip tastes great. Buying again just for me and hubs to split one night.

    • Scsr2020

      We love that you had an awesome time! Thank you for sharing your holiday adventure with us:)

  2. Ronnie

    Chronic Paradise!only the best quality bud for the best price. Customer service is 2nd to none.keep up the good work.

  3. Jordan Denny (verified owner)

    This is awesome joint gonna buy again for sure

  4. Jason Matthews (verified owner)

    Personally was a nice sized blunt and tasted good. Burnt very quickly for me. It was a nice high. Nothing to special about it.

  5. Michaela Nonhebel (verified owner)

    unfortunatly I was not impressed. For 35 dollars…. we werre 3 people smoked half of it and another half a bit later. Yes, got high and it was not bad. However for 35 dollars there are other products where you get more bang for your buck

  6. chrisstooke666 (verified owner)

    Taste like heaven!

  7. me.04 (verified owner)

    Gave me a real good high, definitely would buy again

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