Mazar Sharif


  • 28g:  $200
  • 14g:  $105
  • 7g:    $55
  • 3.5g: $30
  • 1g:    $12

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Become part of the Myth! Legends are told about the dangerous journey this hash takes to arrive here.

This hash had to travel by camel-back, dodge bullets, and survive explosions to land here for our

enjoyment. It is pressed by hand using small amounts of water or tea. It is worked and re-worked until

it achieves it’s hallmark elasticity.

Great texture, breaks up nicely either heated or dry. Amazing old school hash flavor and Unbelievable

buzz! This is one of the O.G hashes on the site.

Do not undertake any difficult tasks (like thinking) after ingesting this hash! It was created strictly for

couch zombie-fixation.

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