Albino Zilla

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Albino Zilla Mushrooms are a unique variant of the exotic Psilocybe Cubensis A+ strain. Its believed that a geneticist who specialized in rare breeds of magic mushrooms discovered this spectacular breed after years of dedicating years of research on pigment allocation and mutations in Psilocybe Cubensis Albino, which led to the creation of a true albino strain that is now commonly recognized simply as Albino Zilla. The lack of pigmentation which results in Albino Zilla’s distinct ghostly white coloration is due to a mutation that specifically affects Albino strains called ‘Leucism’. These well-rounded magic mushrooms are known for their all-around buzz that affects users mentally and visually, as well as for their extreme potency. Many users revere this shroom strain or shroom edibles for its heavy-hitting effects and quick-acting high which can be felt as soon as 15-30 minutes after digestion.

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1 review for Albino Zilla

  1. Ethan (verified owner)

    Made me very sleepy. Had a butyfull afternoon nap with a nice trip. Very relaxing strain.

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