Lemon Skunk Strain Review


Tough times call for citrusy treats that rock. And for all lemon lovers and thrill-seekers out there, there’s one weed that comes to mind. In our Lemon Skunk Strain Review, we’ll try our very best to convince you why you should be blazing this oh-so-sour treat right now!

For the indoctrinated, Lemon Skunk is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a renowned reputation (hint: it’s won multiple awards). It smells and tastes of lemons and skunk, but the taste is less citrusy than you would expect for its name. Nevertheless, each exhale is a treat you won’t want to miss.

Bursting with citrus flavours and smells, potheads love the zesty high you get from Lemon Skunk. And that’s all thanks to the super potent package that comes with its sticky buds.

If you’re a lover of lemons, you’ll be a sucker for this one. But there’s more to Lemon Skunk marijuana than just a tangy treat — though it tastes that good. Let’s jump right at it.

Lemon Skunk: The Basics

Prized for its irresistible citrus flavour, Lemon Skunk is a super potent Sativa-dominant hybrid (60% Sativa/40% Indica) that’s beloved by many generations of potheads. A combination of impressive potencies, incredible highs, and unique flavour profiles make this strain an easy choice for many cannabis consumers.

Right off the bat, Lemon Skunk smells and tastes delicious. With each tangy smoke, your taste buds are greeted with sweet lemons perfectly juxtaposed by a skunk. It sure sounds eclectic on paper, but everything makes perfect sense once you start digging in.

At a whopping 22% THC at peak performance, this tangy strain delivers unparalleled cerebral highs perfect for your afternoon affairs. That’s not the only kind of cannabinoid you get. Lab analysis shows that Lemon Skunk contains fair amounts (less than 1%) of CBD and CBN — though it’s probably not enough to merit its use as CBD medication.

Nevertheless, the high you get from Lemon Skunk is nothing short of fantastic. The strain induces a cerebral high that’s equally euphoric and heady when smoked. It is, after all, a Sativa strain.

Lemon Skunk’s strain encourages creative thinking and free thought so that artists will find great utility (and smoke) with this one. But if you simply need a happiness booster pack to get through the day, we still can’t recommend the strain enough.

That being said, it’s a lazy kind of Sativa high – not the productive one. Lemon Skunk’s heady onset meets its match in calming comedown. The inexperienced may find themselves 

couch-locked after the effects wear off.

Lemon Skunk DNA Genetics

Everything we love about the hybrid Lemon Skunk hails from the award-winning genetics of two different strains with Skunk phenotypes. Designed by DNA Genetics, this strain is ultimately a crossover between two worlds of Skunk: one originating from Vegas and the other from Holland.

Since its inception, Lemon Skunk has created a name of its own. It bagged numerous awards, including the Highlife and Spannabis Cups. To top it off, it was even included in the 2009 High Times List as one of the top 10 best cannabis strains.

Now that’s some skunky notoriety right there. Unsurprisingly, consumer reviews for this cannabis are nothing short of high praise. By today’s standards, Lemon Skunk is an old-timer, but it commands demand within the cannabis market.

All that love reaches high above and down low. You’ll quickly find Lemon Skunk in abundance by the West Coast, and if you’re privy to the “business,” in black markets as well.


Did we forget to say that Lemon Skunk smells, well, like lemons? Geez, we’ve got to be more precise with our reviews!

Kidding aside. There’s no apologizing for the nagging because what you get with one whiff is nothing short of lemony. If you pay close attention, there are hints of sweet lemons and other similar citrus fruits.

Breaking open the nugs will unfold a sweet, pungent scent — a kind of smell known as “skunk” within the canna community. Some potheads enjoy it and actively seek buds that possess a skunk scent.

When blazed, all those smells come alive. The citruses are well punctuated, while the skunk becomes even more prominent. The smoke is not particularly offensive and overpowering.


Luckily, aroma transfers beautifully into this tangy taste bud tantalizer. When smoked, Lemon Skunk carries over the delectable lemon and skunk flavours to the puff.

The lemon flavour is robust and does not lose its zing huff after huff. Instead, each succeeding smoking is accompanied by increasing layers of sweet and citrus overtones.

Who would’ve guessed that lemons go well with skunk? And if that’s not enough to weird you out, the pungency pairs seamlessly with the smoke’s inherent creaminess. We’d be lying if we said the unusual pairings don’t work — because, in reality, they damn do.


Appearance-wise, the Lemon Skunk looks quite like your good ‘ol Sativa strain. All the hallmarks of a beloved Sativa are on full display: a vibrant light-green colour, bright orange pistils, and shiny trichomes.

Growing Lemon Skunk

Those trying their hand at cannabis growing will be delighted to hear that the Lemon Skunk is a beginner-friendly challenge. You heard us right! It’s easier to grow than most strains you’ve probably already smoked.

All is easy peasy lemon squeezy, as this strain is relatively low-maintenance. You won’t be bothered by problematic stuff like mildew and mold, so long as you’re following growing instructions. It’s also quite hardy and persistent to diseases.

Ideal growing conditions

Skunk Lemon tolerates many nutrients that would otherwise burn away similar strains of its kind. The strain appreciates organic soil teeming with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Ideally, your feed or compost should come from organic sources such as tea, worm castings, and kelp.

Experienced growers suggest cultivating the plant in cool climates, ideally within the 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit range. If you go any lower, fret not as the Lemon Skunk is robust enough to survive cooler outdoor conditions.

If you prefer to grow indoors, we highly recommend keeping the temperatures cool (but not too cold). Keep in mind that this strain can reach up to 2 meters in height. Manage your space accordingly.

Flowering period

This Sativa dominant strain grows quickly, only taking up to 65 days to harvest. The flowering cycle usually takes about 8-9 weeks to complete.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, your flowers should be ready in early October. On the other hand, harvest time for those in the Southern Hemisphere is around April. Strain yield is sizable, weighing 600 grams per square meter if optimal conditions are met.

The only downside (and a serious one to consider) is that you cannot purchase Lemon Skunk seeds from DNA Genetics — at least not at the moment. You could try your luck with other retailers, but honestly, good luck with that!


Are you looking for a zestier life? The Lemon Skunk Strain might help you with that. With its peppy high and lazy comedown, this hybrid strain encourages a life filled with more profound meaning and creativity.

Let’s go through it minute by minute. On the first smoke, Lemon Skunk’s Sativa genetics come into play. The onset is euphoric, so don’t be surprised if you feel uplifted in no time.

A few more huffs in, the head high you experienced at onset takes a step further. You’re feeling many things at once. Your mind experiences a surge in cerebral consciousness, and you enter a state of deep introspection.

Thought-provoking ideas enter your stream of consciousness, aiding greatly in whatever creative process you’re engrossed in at the moment. As your barriers begin to break, so do your worries and anxieties of everyday life.

At the same time, you get a tangible euphoric kick. These effects lead to meaningful yet giggly conversations with the right company. You feel exhilarated; you’re unstoppable — well, at least your thoughts are.

Almost equally sharing the Skunk Lemon genetic pool is the indica side. And what better way to describe the indica effect than a sedating body high? Lemon Skunk marijuana will make you feel slightly sedated and couch-locked as you approach the comedown.

So while your mind is still racing about, your body begins to surrender beautifully. Inexperienced smokers may find the indica genes a bit overpowering at first. In an hour or two, don’t be surprised to see your pothead virgin (or yourself) dozing off against the afternoon sun.

We recommend blazing this flower during noon-time, preferably close to sunset. That way, when the indica kicks in, you’re setting out to enjoy the body high without worrying that it might hamper any physical activity.

THC and CBD Content

There’s good reason to believe that Lemon Skunk can be used as a medical marijuana strain. It’s super potent thanks to its high THC content (around 22%) — making it practical for those needing to treat certain medical conditions.

But that’s not the only trick up its sleeves. Aside from THC, Lemon Skunk contains relatively high amounts of CBD and CBN (less than 1% for each). Both are non-psychoactive cannabinoids that offer impressive medical benefits as well.

Keep in mind that this strain still does not contain enough CBD or CBN to justify its use in treatments that respond to said cannabinoids. Think of their presence as attractive features to have; THC still takes the cake here.

Benefits of Lemon Skunk

Thanks to its high THC and CBD potency, the Lemon Skunk strain can be used medically. It’s often prescribed for migraine relief. But you’ll also find that it works well against mood disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea.

Offer relief for different kinds of pain

Lemon Skunk can help quell chronic pain caused by a medical condition like arthritis with its effective THC content. It works wonders, too, against the pains and aches that accompany your day-to-day strides.

This strain, however, is more often than not prescribed to counter chronic migraines. Since the worst migraines attack unexpectedly during regular working hours, Lemon Skunk has become a go-to daytime dose for many potheads.

Helps the mind and body to relax

If you’re looking for a strain that is both uplifting and mellow, then Lemon Skunk is a great choice. Its relaxing effects are perfect for those who’ve already gotten things done. Though it’s not perfectly indica, it’s still an excellent option for better sleep.

Combats mood disorders like anxiety and depression

A mix of THC, CBD, and minor cannabinoids give Lemon Skunk’s renowned uplifting effects. If you’re feeling bogged down by the weight of the world, this tangy solution may be what you need.

Cannabis patients suffering from medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress will find relief in these buds. Lemon Skunk marijuana is beneficial when paired with treatment by a professional. Please do not use it as a substitute for prescription, though, unless your physician recommends that you do.

Side Effects

Though Lemon Skunk is not necessarily the hardest of all hitters, it has its fair share of adverse effects. Some of the side effects of smoking Lemon Skunk cannabis include:

  • heightened anxiety, paranoia
  • nausea, dizziness, vomiting
  • dry eyes
  • dry mouth or cottonmouth
  • increased blood pressure

As with all cannabis strains, dosing wisely is of utmost importance. If you’re still on edge about dosage, don’t be afraid to consult experts or even seek medical advice. Remember: your safety always takes top priority!

Where to Buy Lemon Skunk Cannabis Online

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Conclusion – Lemon Skunk Strain Review

Lemon Skunk is a hybrid strain that’s been around long enough to garner the respect of potheads across generations. It’s a certified classic for sure.

If you are looking for a potent strain that has high potency, is easy to grow, and tastes great too — then Lemon Skunk may be the right choice. You’ll love its quick-activating, uplifting highs and the simply irresistible citrus-skunk tang that comes with every smooth smoke.

It’s time to zest up your life. Order Lemon Skunk today! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check our flower list for more fascinating strains to choose from!

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