Everything You Need To Know about Diamond Extract Pens


Vape pens have become increasingly popular these days. More teens and young adults are using the product to enjoy the benefits of marijuana extracts. They’re classy, sleek, and convenient to use. It’s also a safer alternative to smoking, allowing anyone to inhale vaporized content without worry of lung damage. But as the weed market continues to evolve and meet the growing demands of consumers, new products are coming out, too. One of those newly formulated yet in-demand items is the diamond extract pen. Have you ever heard about this product?

Diamond extract pens are relatively new, but it’s attracting more people due to their highly potent content. It’s different from other cannabis vape pens because THC distillate is the main ingredient of this product. If you’re seeking a new cannabis experience, this might be the answer to your needs. However, before shopping for this product at a local or online store, it’s smart to know everything about it first. Read on and discover the properties, formulation, effects, and more about this new cannabis vape variety. 

What is a Diamond Extract Pen? 

This product looks like a typical vape pen, but it’s different in the formulation. It contains 1,000mg of THC distillate extracted from organic King Kush, BlueBerry OG, Gelato Flower, and Girl Scout Cookies. Usually, there is no solvent used in diamond extract pens, making the whole process as natural as possible. On top of that, this vape pen is also rechargeable so that you can use it multiple times. So basically, four qualities distinguish this product from other vape pens out there: 

  • Organic base
  • Solvent Free
  • Rechargeable
  • Disposable

What is THC Distillate? 

Since THC distillate is the primary compound in diamond extract pens, you must understand this substance. It comes from a cannabis plant through an extraction process and is considered a highly purified form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which causes euphoric feelings. By appearance, this extract looks like a thick oil that can be anywhere from clear to amber in colour.

THC distillate is a highly potent concentrate because manufacturers can get only one cannabinoid from the distillation process. This involves removing the plant lipids to terpenes, and the cannabinoid is vaporized to extract the target substance. The beauty of distillation is the absolute purity of the end product; the extracted material can be translucent and viscous with almost 100 percent THC.

Effects of THC on Diamond Extract Pens

If you haven’t used marijuana extracts before, you should observe some caution when using THC distillate for the first time. This product is not for the inexperienced user due to its high potency, above other concentrates. That means it can produce a more intense high, something like having an altered perception. The main reason for this effect is its 100% pure THC content or free from other cannabinoids and plant matter. 

When you vape THC, it will stimulate your brain to release dopamine, producing euphoria. This experience may kick in within 10 to 30 minutes of intake and last for two hours. The substance may also interfere with how you process information in the part of the brain that’s responsible for new memories. It could subsequently induce hallucinations and delusions. Additionally, you might go through some psychomotor impairment after the perceived high has ceased.

In some cases, THC users might experience anxiety, elation, sedation, relaxation, pain relief, and many other negative and positive side effects. Proper dosage is key to enjoying the benefits of the compound without necessarily going through adverse reactions. But the matter depends on your body chemistry, tolerance level, and other factors. 

Health Benefits of THC in Diamond Extract Pens

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 3,000 years. Several studies confirm the health benefits of consuming plant extracts. It’s even claimed that weed products can be better than prescription drugs in many ways because they are all-natural. But for years, both THC and CBD have been used for recreational purposes, too. Let’s explore how THC distillate in diamond extract pens can improve your overall wellness. 

THC may Protect Brain Cells

Many people have succumbed to “reefer madness” and think that cannabis consumption can potentially kill brain cells. This assumption might have merits, but the mind-blowing truth is that THC is considered a neuroprotectant. That means it can protect the brain cells from damage. One study revealed that those with THC in their system might less likely die from traumatic head injuries than those without. 

THC may Boost Appetite 

There are medical conditions such as dementia, hepatitis, undergoing chemo treatment, and eating disorders that can cause loss of Appetite. If not treated properly, this can lead to severe malnourishment or even death. This is another health issue where THC can provide relief as the compound is known to boost Appetite. Many researchers have found that THC interacts with the receptors in the hypothalamus that release the hormone ghrelin, thereby stimulating hunger. It was also claimed that the substance could even make food taste better.

THC may Act as Anti-Tumour Agent 

Cannabis is the subject of various ongoing medical studies for its anti-cancer properties. Initial findings revealed that the plant extracts could kill cancer cells in several distinct contenders. Specifically, THC may stop the spread of cancer cells all over the body. It works through apoptosis that triggers cells to self-destruct when they are damaged or diseased. Additionally, it can block a tumour from forming blood vessels, starving the cancer cells by cutting off their food and oxygen supply. 

THC may Relax the Muscles

Although THC is popularly known as a psychoactive compound, it also has the potential to relax your muscles. Some products add complementary terpenes that cause an entourage effect, mitigating the strong impact of the substance and creating a soothing sensation. For example, Sativex contains both THC and CBD to relax the muscles and ease cramps and tension. This makes the product more beneficial to patients with multiple sclerosis, cramping, muscle plasticity, and pain. 

THC may Act as Antioxidant

Don’t be surprised if you hear some people say that THC is an effective anti-ageing anti-stress supplement. Scientific evidence shows that the compound and other cannabinoids are potent antioxidants. They were proven to prevent hydroperoxide-induced oxidative damage and may be better than other antioxidants from other sources. One of the well-known functions of THC is to protect the body from stress-related damage. 

THC may Enhance Senses 

THC products are in-demand for recreational use among certain groups of users, especially teens and young adults. This practice can be traced back to when ancient people had to use marijuana for their spiritual ceremonies and rituals. With the development in science and legalization of commercial and medical marijuana, the compound has taken several forms, including vape pens. Most consumers would experience heightened senses as a result of inhaling the substance. Some people would even take advantage of this effect to boost their creativity and cognitive performance. 

Popular Diamond Extract Pens to Try! 

There are more brands and formulations when it comes to cannabis vape pens. Our diamond extract pens are just some of the choices that you can find in the market today. But if you’re looking for maximum benefits, these two of our most popular products might exactly suit your needs:

  • Golden Monkey Extracts – Cartridge – Black Diamond

This product offers a premium vaping experience. It contains premium-grade Delta-9 THC distillates and naturally-sourced terpenes. Our Golden Money Extracts have been lab-tested to ensure potent and consistent effects in every inhale. We have formulated this product with 800mg of THC to give you a flavourful vapour and a fantastic high. Unlike other varieties out there, this Golden Monkey Extracts – Cartridge – Black Diamond allows for better oil flowability to achieve the best results.

  • Diamond Concentrates – Wild Berry 

 Our wild berry diamond concentrate is definitely for you if you are looking for a vape pen that can induce better nighttime sleep. This product is highly potent and lifting in nature, allowing you to experience a boost of creativity and happiness. As it penetrates your system, you will feel a deep relaxation. The sense of calm will turn into a sedative experience, lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep as you lie on your bed. Our Diamond Concentrates – Wild Berry has a sweet blueberry and fresh fruit flavour that is almost sugary when it comes to flavour. It also has an earthy and floral berry aroma that’s sweet and refreshing. 

Possible Side Effects Diamond Extract Pens 

Studies suggest that vaporizing THC generates fewer chemicals than smoking; hence, this delivery method may be healthier. However, when you use high-potency weed concentrates, like diamond extracts, there are high chances of developing adverse effects. Some users may experience psychosis, paranoia, and cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, especially when the product is taken at a high dosage.

Another thing to watch out for when using diamond concentrates disposable vape is the device itself. While it rarely happens, there’s a possibility for the rechargeable or disposable vape pens to malfunction or explode. That’s why it’s essential to buy the product from a reputable manufacturer. You should also keep the product out of children’s reach as it can be mistaken for a toy. If they use it accidentally, it might lead to hospitalization. 

How to Vape Diamond Extract Pens

Vaping diamond extracts is pretty straightforward, but you need to pay attention to how much you vape. Some users create large vape clouds, but this isn’t supposed to be with THC products. It is instead best to vape the substance by taking one or two hits at a time and waiting about 15 minutes in between each hit.

Once you feel high enough, place the device aside and relax. Take another puff and wait for the effects again if you need more. Remember that vaping too much won’t cause any severe health problems, but it can trigger general discomfort and paranoia. It is suggested to vape THC slowly and patiently to avoid being uncomfortably high. For the first-time vape pen users, consider the following guides for proper use of the rechargeable or disposable vape pen: 

Step #1: Power on the device. This is usually done by clicking the power button five times. Most diamond concentrates disposable pens will light up, which signals that the device has successfully powered on and is ready to use.

Step #2: Press and hold the power button. Doing this would send a stream of power to the atomizer and create vapour. The device will produce vapor as soon as you press and hold the power button, and after that, you can take a hit right away. However, it might take a few minutes to get thick and robust vapour hits, depending on the viscosity of what you vape.

Step #3: Once the vaping content is fully consumed, it’s time to turn the device off. You can do this by pressing the power button five times. If you are using a draw-fire vape, you can skip any steps that involve a button. In this case, all you have to do is take a draw, and the device will create vapour. When you’re done, you can stop taking puffs, and the device will turn off automatically. 

When buying a vape pen out there, ensure that the device has smooth and easy functionality and a sleek and durable design.

Where to Buy Quality Diamond Extract Pens? 

At Chronic Paradise, you can buy a wide variety of cannabis vape pens. Our products have been formulated to give you the best weed experience! When you make orders at our store, you are guaranteed secure and convenient shopping. This is a massive advantage for any consumer because there are now hundreds of cannabis dispensaries, and finding a reputable one might be challenging.

Since we are a trusted provider of diamond concentrates like our blue dream, jungle cake, gorilla glue, and wedding cake, you no longer have to explore all choices out there. We also provide information about our products, so that you can make well-informed decisions. Please browse our online store today and check out our amazing offers. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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