8 Best Tasting CG Extracts You Can Buy Today


A top 8 list of CG extracts in Canada for 2022 wouldn’t be complete without first checking if we’re on the same page. After all, each of us has unique ideas on what makes a CG extracts pen the best in the market today. For example, all the good stuff you’re looking for in CG extracts disposable products is unlikely to be the same things that many others want. So let’s start!

What Are CG Extracts in Canada?

Simply put, CG extracts are particular types of cartridges used for vape pens. These contain popular cannabis-derived products, such as CBD oils and tinctures, concentrates like THCA Diamond and sauce, distillates like shatter and many others.

These often come in small cylindrical shapes. It’s designed to be screwed onto the tips of vape pens, such as a CG extracts pen. This also allows you to use the same pen for a long time. That’s because you can replace its tips when you run out of extracts. But of course, how long your pens last depends on their make and quality.

For example, there are CG extracts disposable pens. As its name implies, you can throw these away after using up all the concentrate in its small container.

Based on our CG extracts review selections from many Canadian CBD and bud lovers today, this year’s best-tasting CG extracts include terpene-rich CBD tincture varieties. Different blends of Sativa and Indica strains are also included, especially those with varying levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations. Meanwhile, significant numbers of Canadians who helped us develop our collection of reviews say they like stronger, more potent concentrates like THCA Diamond, sauce and shatter.

What is a CG Extracts Pen?

These CG extracts pens are, as described earlier, portable vape tools and electronic cigarettes. They’re designed to heat concentrates, oils or extracts by simply pressing a button and inhaling the vapour or smoke that comes out of its other end. Its tip is usually a tiny cylindrical canister that’s filled with your preferred substance. You can generally remove this canister by unscrewing it then replacing it with a newly filled tip.

In most cases, these pens are powered by small rechargeable batteries. And as mentioned earlier, there are also CG extracts disposable pens. These ordinarily come with a tiny non-rechargeable battery that allows you to use up all the extract in its tip and throw it away once empty.

What Are Cannabis Extracts?

Since a helpful CG extracts cartridge review collection should inform you about everything there’s to know about this subject, let’s talk about the different types of cannabis extracts. And the benefits and the effects of each product on your body and mind. So let’s start!

What is Cannabis Sauce?

As its name implies, this is a type of cannabis extract in liquid form. Terpenes, THC or CBD, among other cannabinoids, are the organic compounds found in this extract. These are found in marijuana and hemp, particular breeds of the cannabis family of plants.

The sauce has a distinct glossy sheen and runny or watery texture. This extract is derived from the buds and leaves of the cannabis plants used to make it. It’s usually soaked in organic solvents like alcohol. Once strained to isolate the fluid from your soaked buds and leaves, you can put it in your vape or distillate pen to use it.

What is THCA Diamond?

This is a particular type of cannabis extract. It’s derived from the sauce. These are also called diamond concentrates. And it’s been rapidly growing in popularity all around Canada for the past couple of years, particularly across communities of marijuana smokers and bud-loving enthusiasts. That’s because the THC content of diamond concentrates usually goes up to 70%, or even 95%.

Depending on the strain used for making the sauce as the base of your diamond concentrate, it can have various combinations of terpenes, THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. For example, if you use an Indica-dominant strain of hemp when making your sauce, then you’re likely to get diamond concentrates with high amounts of CBD and terpenes along with trace levels of THC. Meanwhile, Sativa-dominant buds and leaves used for making sauce can generate diamond concentrates with high levels of THC, low amounts of terpenes and trace amounts of CBD, among other cannabinoids.

THC Diamond is used when the sauce is heated and distilled. It’s common to mix in other compounds while doing this. And after this process, you’ll be left with a crystal-like substance. Once heated through a CG extracts pen, you can inhale the resulting smoke or vapour to use it.

What Are CBD Tinctures?

A tincture is an herb extract. So obviously, CBD tinctures are hemp extracts. Hemp is mainly used to extract CBD and other cannabinoids, including very minimal amounts of THC. This is why you won’t feel any psychoactive effect after using CBD-infused products like edibles, lotions and others.

Plus, we found out that many Canadians like CBD tinctures with carrier oils. That’s because this plant-based extract makes CBD oils and, among other cannabis-derived concentrates, more pleasant to the digestive tract as well as to the skin. To learn more about this, check out our comprehensive guide to carrier oil.

However, some Canadians prefer higher amounts of THC in their CBD tinctures. And that’s why they often mix buds from both hemp and marijuana to increase the THC content of their CBD tincture recipes. To make a more informed decision about this, here’s our detailed, simple-to-understand guide to CBD vs THC tincture that we prepared just for you.

Meanwhile, many like the therapeutic effects of more robust aromas in their CBD tinctures, mainly when they use a dab or vape pens to use it. This is why many of them don’t use dried buds and deliberately mix in more leaves than usual in their CBD recipes.

Aside from smoking or vaping, using CBD tinctures is by ingesting them. You can put a drop or two beneath your tongue or mix it with your favourite snacks and culinary treats. But take note that ingesting extracts usually take a little bit longer, say 60 to 90 minutes, before you feel its effects. So don’t go gung-ho just because you don’t feel anything after an hour or longer. Otherwise, you could end up feeling more potent effects than what you want.

What is Sativa?

Because we mentioned this several times earlier, let’s talk about Sativa. Simply put, this is a group of plants under hemp and marijuana breeds of the cannabis family of plants. And this is also called cannabis Sativa.

Meanwhile, Sativa strains are particular buds and plants under this group. To clarify, there are many strains (and many new ones in the future) from the cannabis Sativa group of hemp or marijuana breeds of the cannabis family of plants.

Products that come from Sativa strains with significant THC content like buds, tinctures, concentrates and extracts are known to cause a particular set of effects. Many of the Canadians we talked to described this as more of a mind high than a body high. This means that many of them feel bouts of intense concentration, creative inspiration and focused motivation while they’re high on these Sativa strains. These are often stronger than body-high effects like relaxed muscles, sleepiness, increased appetite and other similar stuff.

However, others who prefer the other type of strains, which we’ll discuss in more detail next, claim they become a little more anxious after taking these Sativa strains. A few, on rare occasions, say they feel mild to moderate bouts of paranoia. Well, they also say this is likely why they prefer Indica strains.

What Are Indica Strains?

Also known as cannabis Indica, buds and leaves from these plants are also used for producing CBD-infused products, many of which have very minimal to moderate or even high amounts of THC. Again, this depends on how these products are made and which consumers they’re mainly made for.

As briefly described earlier, Indica strains cause stronger body high than mind high. This is also why it’s mainly used to relieve physical pains and discomfort and fatigue and stress. Many Canadians use Indica strains to help manage their insomnia and appetite loss, most of which are caused by other physiological conditions.

These Indica strains can be used to create CBD tinctures and extracts and smoked as dried buds and leaves. TODAY, many CBD edibles in the Canadian cannabis market are made from Indica strains with very low amounts of THC and much higher levels of CBD and other cannabinoids.

What Are Terpenes?

Many of the cannabis lovers we interviewed about CG extracts in Canada say they’re starting to like the effects of terpene-rich CBD and THC products they recently tested. Terpenes are organic, naturally occurring compounds in hemp and marijuana. The shiny sheen that you see on the leaves of these plants is made out of these terpene compounds.

But terpenes aren’t just found in breeds of cannabis plants. Instead, they’re found in many if not most plants and even certain types of animals. These organic compounds are responsible for the aromas of these plants and animals.

Some Canadian research groups at universities across the country claim their most recent studies show positive effects of these terpenes when managing stress and fatigue levels. Similar to aromatherapy, they say many of the participants in their laboratory tests showed signs of relief from physical pains and discomfort and a relaxed mood after they inhaled aroma therapeutic products with terpenes from cannabis plants.

Top 8 CG Extracts in the Canadian Cannabis Market This 2022

Now let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of our CG extracts review collection for the year. Because cannabis-infused products in the local market differ from province to province and region to region across the country, we’ll discuss each of the top 8 types of CG extracts today, as defined by the cannabis lovers who responded to our research questionnaire and others we interviewed for the past several months. So now here’s the stuff they said when we asked about the best-tasting CG extracts for them in Canada today:

  1. CG extracts with CBD oils and loads of terpenes are the most popular distillates in the country today. Many Canadians we interviewed say they like how the high amounts of terpenes in these products give their taste and aroma that fresh, minty taste. Some prefer varieties with higher than usual THC levels, though still nowhere near concentrates specifically created to contain significant percentages of THC. But lots more like CBD-based CG extracts with trace amounts of THC.
  2. Next are CBD tinctures. These are steadily gaining massive popularity all around Canada this year. Many cannabis lovers in the country said they like the most about these CG extracts: the variety of flavours, aromas, and potency options they can choose from. That’s because these come in a wide assortment of flavours (from grassy to fruity), taste (from sweet to mildly sour) and aromas (from pungent to Earthy). Many of them also told us that they like choosing from different levels of THC concentrations.
  3. The sauce is another favourite of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts this 2022, particularly products that don’t have high amounts of THC. Instead, more of them prefer sauce when it’s infused with higher CBD and terpenes rather than THC and other cannabinoids. And almost all of them like to vape sauce instead of mixing it into edibles, which is also rarely done anyway, despite its name.
  4. Shatter is also a cannabis product that many Canadians are starting to pay attention to this year. Well, the majority of the country’s shatter lovers seem to be bud smokers. And this is likely why they prefer products infused with a bit higher amounts of THC than the other cannabis extracts in the local market today.
  5. THCA Diamond, also known as diamond concentrates, as mentioned earlier in this CG extracts review collection, made it to our top 5 list of CG extracts in Canada this month. This isn’t surprising, though, as the minority of Canadian cannabis lovers are generally fond of products infused with high amounts of THC. And it also appears that many consumers who prefer THCA Diamond are mostly bud smokers. Even as a minority group, this is still a good number of Canadians and is rapidly growing each month.
  6. Extracts made from Indica buds have also become wildly popular today. These are primarily tinctures and sauce concentrates. Many of these products contain slightly higher levels of THC than CBD oils and the like. But because Indica is known to promote body high effects that can be relaxing to the body and soothing to various physical pains, Canadian cannabis lovers in higher age brackets appear to prefer these CG extracts over others. Plus, most of them say they like its aroma, flavour and taste, considering that lots of these products contain loads of terpenes.
  7. CG extracts in Canada that are from Sativa varieties are also some of the best-tasting cannabis products in the country today, according to lots of Canadians in the country’s major cities. Significant numbers of research groups across Canada’s universities and laboratories say cannabis products derived from these strains continue to show good effects when it comes to anxiety management and stress reduction. This is a likely reason why many Canadians prefer these CG extracts, especially those with professions in fields like creative arts, multimedia communication, music, engineering and product design.
  8. High-quality hybrid strains have always been the all-time favourites of cannabis lovers across lots of countries worldwide. And in Canada, it’s the same. That’s why concentrates in the country’s cannabis markets, particularly products derived from hybrid blends, are some of the best-tasting CG extracts in Canada today, based on the stuff we gathered for our CG extracts cartridge review selections this 2022.

What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best CG Extracts in the Country Today

Now that you know the most popular types of CG extracts in Canada this year, let’s talk about what you should keep in mind as you try to buy the most suitable cannabis products for your specific situation. And here you go:

  • Always check the credibility of the local physical stores and online shops on your shortlist. Remember, you wouldn’t want to end up with low-quality CG extracts, especially since this might cause adverse effects on your health. With that said, you’re advised to check if they’ve been issued licenses to possess, distribute and sell CG extracts, pens and other cannabis products across your province by your local government. Keep in mind, in most instances, and this signifies that they passed the Canadian government’s rigorous evaluation and inspection procedures. This, in turn, indicates that they use systems and processes meant to check the quality and safety of their products.
  • You’re also recommended to verify the credibility of the suppliers and manufacturers of the CG extracts and other products in the stores and websites where you want to buy. You can do this by learning more about those brands, distributors and producers. And when you do this, you’re likely to find unbiased CG extracts cartridge review and other product evaluation feeds populated by lots of Canadian consumers for particular brands and producers.
  • It’s always best if you consult your local physician or any licensed medical professional near you, especially one with significant expertise in relevant fields. This way, you’ll be able to verify if you don’t have any negative response to the CG extracts and other cannabis products you want to use, such as allergic reactions and other physiological conditions. And if you’re currently taking medications for different health-related conditions, then you shouldn’t skip this step.
  • Aside from focusing on CG extracts and other cannabis end products like edibles, don’t forget to carefully review the equipment or tools you need for using these products. Remember, Canadian consumers, leave some anecdotes and reviews regarding certain CG extracts pen products exploding while they’re using it, leaving them with facial injuries. In many of these instances, this is the result of low-quality materials used in manufacturing these vape and distillate pens, especially batteries that didn’t go through careful tests and inspections.
  • But in some instances, a few Canadians have been known to cause these accidents improperly using these CG extracts vape and cartridge pens. So you’re advised to ask the support staff of your chosen stores and eCommerce platforms for instructions and guidelines on how to use these tools to take your CG extracts correctly. You’ll be able to reduce associated risks when you do this.
  • Double-check the laws, regulations and policies in your local area regarding the possession, use and possible misuse of CG extracts and other cannabis products. Do this before you buy the CG extracts, pens, edibles or any other product that you want. After all, you wouldn’t want to be reprimanded for not following these laws and policies, especially if your only defence is that you weren’t aware of them, would you?
  • Carefully reviewing associated regulations and policies can inform you about the THC percentages and concentrations of other cannabinoids allowed in your immediate vicinity. Don’t forget these levels were carefully tested and balanced in controlled environments by experts in related fields. After all, the Canadian government isn’t known to just come up with random, baseless figures, especially regarding food-grade products and materials available for the general public to access. More so for the country’s cannabis industry. So by doing this, you’ll also be able to learn about the safest, most recommended ways to balance your regular dose of these CG extracts, concentrates, distillates, edibles, weed strains, CBD oils or lotions and others.

And that’s a wrap-up for our CG extracts review collection for the year. We hope you learned stuff that can help you make a more informed decision while shopping around for the best-tasting CG extracts in Canada today.

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