5 Simple Steps to Rolling a Joint

Cannabis and cannabis-derived products can be consumed in a variety of ways, including through inhalation, ingestion, and topically. It is most customary to roll dried cannabis flowers in paper, light the joint, and inhale. And even while it could seem difficult, especially to beginners, rolling a joint just needs a few things and some experience.

1. Grind It

To ensure an even burn and preserve the flavour of your cannabis, grind it using a high-quality grinder, steel is recommended over plastic. To prevent the dried flower from clumping, don’t overfill the grinder and distribute it evenly. The ground material should not be powdery, but it should be in minute pieces.

2. Make a Filter

A filter, which is optional, keeps the dried flower from escaping into your mouth when you inhale it and guards against burning your fingers. You can build your own rolling papers with a small rectangle of sturdy paper instead of buying ones that already have filters or tips.

This is how you can roll the entire rectangle into a little spiral or fold one end into a W shape before curling the remaining paper around it.

Because it offers a firm surface to hold onto while tightening the paper around the rolled cannabis, a filter is also known as a “crutch” or “guide.”

3. Fill the Rolling Paper

There are many different sizes and types of rolling papers, including organic, unbleached raw, rice, and hemp paper (double wide, king or slim). Similar to how joints can be manufactured in various sizes and forms, the typical joint is straight and delivers the same amount of dried flower from beginning to end. Before filling the paper, make sure the shiny or glued side is facing up. Place the filter at one end of the paper if you’re using one. Dried marijuana should be placed on the paper, leaving a small space at the end facing the filter.

4. Pack the Cannabis

Use your thumbs and index fingers to roll the cannabis inside the paper until it is tightly packed and resembles a cylinder. Fold the paper’s unglued long side up and around the cannabis. This process minimizes gaps and makes the whole piece easier to roll.

When shaping the dried flower into the proper shape, try your best to avoid pressing directly on it. To accomplish this, sway the paper back and forth while holding onto the filter.

5. Roll it Up

To attach the cannabis and filter, tuck the unglued edge around the bundle of cannabis, then tightly roll the paper up. Wet the glue, then affix the side. The cannabis can also be compacted by inserting a small object, such as a pen, into the open end. To stop any cannabis from escaping, carefully fold and twist the open end closed.

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