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Tom Ford, also called Tom Ford Pink Kush, TFPK, and Pink Death, is a popular Canadian indica weed strain made by crossing Pink Kush with Death Bubba. Like its parent, Tom Ford can exhibit green buds with tinges of pink. The effects of Tom Ford are believed to be joyful, sleepy, and munchie-inducing. Medical marijuana patients say this strain helps with pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Reviewers on Leafly were left speechless—Tom Ford has a reputation for hitting hard and fast. Tom Ford is believed to test at 23% THC. The dominant terpene is myrcene, with an earthy and woodsy flavor profile. The original breeder of Tom Ford is unknown, but the strain originated in British Columbia.

Reviews (41)

41 reviews for Tom Ford – $2.46/gram – AA – Indica

  1. John (verified owner)

    It is great tasting, smooth, with a great stone.

  2. floydd (verified owner)

    Good weed for your money

  3. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    Very hard hitting strain;gives a very heavy high;relaxing;great for anxiety;would buy again!!

  4. sheilak016 (verified owner)

    Smooth, not too strong. Great price!

  5. dannymcdonold1979 (verified owner)

    Got me stoned but didn’t enjoy the Taste

  6. charlotterogers2007 (verified owner)

    It was great. Heavy and so easy to roll

  7. debcoish (verified owner)

    I enjoy the fresh grown taste. 🥰🥰🥰

  8. debcoish (verified owner)

    I enjoy the fresh grown taste. 🥰🥰🥰

  9. sheilak016 (verified owner)

    A nice-tasting and smooth weed that is great for relaxation. Great value for the price and takes just a few days to arrive!!


  10. Émilie Fortin (verified owner)

    Good weed for price

  11. mcgbmo (verified owner)

    Easy to roll. Nice taste

  12. Jeffery Cullen (verified owner)

    I really like this strain was a great high.

  13. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    Strong Strain;left me in a fog for hours ;also good for my arthritis,anxiety and depression;would buy again;great smoke.

  14. bwianeh (verified owner)

    Nice taste. Nice hugs. Smokes clean. Will for sure buy again.

  15. la_markyze (verified owner)

    Très bon.

  16. Richard Dominic (verified owner)

    Instantly heavy Indica stoned,. If you like Indicas and you can get it, get it!

  17. Hannah M. (verified owner)

    A true classic – if you want a couch-locked Indica I would highly recommend! I really enjoy this one for migraine relief.

  18. sandy teal (verified owner)

    love this bud. great high and last long time. good taste. have ordered before and will order again. and for that price..sweet

  19. dannyjlrtech (verified owner)

    Second time around ordering Tom ford for me . It’s decent and it’s clean . It burns and tastes well . The stone is on the softer side but still very effective . Great every day smoke . I would by this again when it becomes available .

  20. floydd (verified owner)

    Another awesome product that deserves more credit, I’ll definitely be getting more.

  21. j1978wallace (verified owner)

    Very good indica stone and really good for pain relief I found.

  22. j1978wallace (verified owner)

    really good for pain relief I found.

  23. dylanpinksen66 (verified owner)

    Smooth, good taste, lasting high. Very good for the price

  24. nicolerai_13 (verified owner)

    Tastes great and nice and smooth 🙂

  25. floydd (verified owner)

    Another home run, it’s hard to believe it’s not 3 star, I like it a lot.

  26. mcgbmo (verified owner)

    Low buzz.

  27. pres4635 (verified owner)

    Really like this weed, helps with so many ailments I suffer from, smooth, great taste and it really helps with sleep.

  28. gusmatoo292 (verified owner)

    Tom ford very smooth can keep on hitting and it’s good stone and good price😊

  29. karla.mccrossin-0677 (verified owner)

    My favorite one so far is Tom Ford

  30. Nicole Bedford (verified owner)

    One of the better ones I’ve tried for this price

  31. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Ce pots là a vraiment bon goût et il est facile à égrener
    Et aussi bonne odeurs que ma femme dit ,donc c’est vrai

  32. mello (verified owner)

    this strain was ok not to bad taste and good high too

  33. jaimebourgeois (verified owner)

    Pretty good indicia. Not a daytime smoke. Can’t complain

  34. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Le goût est bon , toujours bonne arôme
    Ça détend et pas trop anxiété
    L’odeur par contre est forte mais ça s’endure bien
    Je le recommande

  35. Kevin Page (verified owner)

    Tom Ford is a great strain to go to later in the evening. Tom Ford is a go to for me for a nice relaxing evening listening to music and getting ready for a restful sleep!!

  36. sydneybarker996 (verified owner)

    Great price for some good weed. I enjoyed a Tom ford concentrate so much I had to buy the flower!

  37. natalya.rose02 (verified owner)

    Ive had tom ford shatter before and this gives almost the same high. Very smooth and great price

  38. nicolerai_13 (verified owner)

    Sooo smoooth and great taste id definitely purchase again👍

  39. Raii13 (verified owner)

    Would definitely purchase again and great pricing and love how it lasts for 2hrs after smoking a goood amount!

  40. robellehunter (verified owner)

    enjoy smoking this strain in the later afternoons and all evening, keeps things relaxed

  41. bhardy (verified owner)

    Was a good high and taste. Defn one i want to purchase again in the future!

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