King Tut – $2.46/gram – AA – Sativa

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THC: 20%

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King Tut, also known as “Tutankhamon,” and “Pharaoh,” is a potent sativa marijuana strain made from a cross of AK-47. King Tut produces uplifting effects, making it an ideal choice for social outings or creative stimulation. This strain features flavors that are sour, skunky and fruity. Medical marijuana patients choose King Tut to help relieve symptoms associated with pain.

Reviews (39)

39 reviews for King Tut – $2.46/gram – AA – Sativa

  1. carterk1234 (verified owner)

    super smooth taste and burns nice. recommend for joints

  2. Kurtis Hartig (verified owner)

    good high and smells good also had a great taste

  3. Kurtis Hartig (verified owner)

    had a great taste, smell was uplifting with a great flavor.

  4. tonysherwoodsmail (verified owner)

    great for mind searching , positive high

  5. Kellie Phillips (verified owner)

    Great value and pretty good buzz for the price!

  6. Kellie Phillips (verified owner)

    Pretty good weed for the price! Would buy again!

  7. Robert Firlotte (verified owner)

    Great smoke . Makes a good daytime weed .

  8. carriebear_83 (verified owner)

    Energetic and creative high, but still very chill. Definitely always a reliable choice for both solo and group sessions.

  9. Melanie Filion-Shields (verified owner)

    Nice tight buds. Light buzz that leaves you productive.

  10. amycgreenham (verified owner)

    Awesome value for the high.

  11. jaimebourgeois (verified owner)

    Great morning or daytime smoke with a burst of energy.

  12. laurannek (verified owner)

    I like it, its not that harsh for the throat and awesome high

  13. jessebg25 (verified owner)

    For the price is a good Choice is smooth for the Day use and you stay awake 😁

  14. bhardy (verified owner)

    great value…smooth…good buzz.

  15. melisepalmi (verified owner)

    Verry good

  16. melisepalmi (verified owner)

    Very good one of my favorite

  17. Shawn Simonek (verified owner)

    Hi, I ordered this and was very impressed like always. Have to say chronic paradise hasn’t let me down yet.

  18. Adam Jess (verified owner)

    Great taste n high 👌 Great for those that like the smaller buds.

  19. cody.burach (verified owner)

    Loving this strain lol brings back alot of memories, great mid day & evening it’s also a smoooth taste. Definitely recommend this.

  20. bhardy (verified owner)

    Second time getting this and it was just as good the 2nd time as the first!

  21. halmyers (verified owner)

    great taste good for joints!

  22. steventanner1 (verified owner)

    Great high, uplifting and solid sativa especially for the price

  23. cody.burach (verified owner)

    Brought back memories from high school, nugs were huge and dense, smoke was smooth and amazing throughout the day

  24. bhardy (verified owner)

    came back for more…grabbed some on a ounce sale…cant go wrong with this good stuff!

  25. boudreau_24 (verified owner)

    Was a pleasure smoking king tut, earthy, chronic paradise are always up to par.

  26. eloisecmholmes (verified owner)

    So smooth, great weed, made me so happy and giggly and wonderful. Loved it!!!

  27. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    This is a very nice Sativa;recommend using during the day;great HIGH and a very smooth smoke but does not put you to sleep;nice buds;great value for the price;would buy again.Thanks C P ,Regards Mike Britton.

  28. s.tremblay79 (verified owner)

    Awesome taste ,giving you a nice feeling in your pineal gland .

  29. Camille Kendall (verified owner)

    This is some really nice stuff. Very smooth, nice high. Nice sized buds and tightly compact.You dont need much to have a relaxing night. Taste good.

  30. Jay M (verified owner)

    This stuff is goooooooood weed.

  31. nicolerai_13 (verified owner)

    Smoooth taste id purchase again

  32. nicolerai_13 (verified owner)

    Love the taste

  33. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    Nice ,mild Sativa;smooth easy smoke;Great for my anxiety and arthritis;would buy again.Thanks,C P ,Mike!!

  34. Nadia Barrette (verified owner)

    Makes a perfect high for social interactions. Not too strong so you don’t feel the need to lay down and stay put! Great taste also!

  35. nicolerai_13 (verified owner)

    Omg its so smooooth and very awesome and greatest taste and forsure ill have to order another when the deals are great!!

  36. Raphael Lemoine (verified owner)

    great taste good smoke cant ask better

  37. Raphael Lemoine (verified owner)

    great taste good smoke cant ask better but was missing 2g

  38. Jay M (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff. Great high.

  39. donavin Billette (verified owner)

    Very good product, will be buying from here again.

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