Coffee Crisp Hash

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  • 28g:  $189
  • 14g:  $100
  • 7g:    $53
  • 3.5g: $29
  • 1g:    $12

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This Coffee Crisp hash is a potent brown hash that many find smells and tastes like the popular coffee crisp chocolate bar. Start with a small amount, as it is very potent and a little can go a long way. It has a soft, malleable consistency that makes it easy to work with, especially after heat has been applied.


Reviews (31)

31 reviews for Coffee Crisp Hash

  1. Jas (verified owner)

    Great product for the price, coffee taste a little

  2. holsteincanada223 (verified owner)

    Très bonne qualité et goût
    Je recommande fortement
    Bon feeling smooth et constant

  3. James koch (verified owner)

    Smells like coffee, crisp! as advertised, and is quite potent.

  4. ashtonrjwatkins


  5. Alain Goupil (verified owner)

    Excellent produit et excellente qualité vraiment bon goût de coffeecrisp

  6. holsteincanada223 (verified owner)

    Vert Nice hash

  7. wldfire (verified owner)

    Really love this Hash! Nice coffee crisp type taste/smell with a nice smooth smoke.
    Nice comfortable kind of high from it.

  8. André (verified owner)

    Bon goût et bonne effet

  9. holsteincanada223 (verified owner)

    Beau bon pas chère

  10. Simon Lemelin (verified owner)

    Très bon goût. Comme dans le temps !

  11. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    Once again I made another purchase of this hash just can’t keep away from it as I always want to grab more very aromatic and the taste is just like the chocolate bar and that price is pure quality I like that its very pliable and workable and that its easy to put in a joint or pipe ” and that high lasted awhile ,,, just perfect !

  12. Denise Breau (verified owner)

    Ecellent taste, very nice high. Will purchase againn

  13. Denise Breau (verified owner)

    Very nice for the priceversus quality

  14. clodio72 (verified owner)

    Vert Nice taste smooth et délicious.

  15. jasonridgetown (verified owner)

    I bought this hash for the third time ” just can’t get enough of this you will be the hit at the party as all of our friends like this kind tastes and smells just like the chocolate bar You need to get some and try it for yourself as you will be coming back for more !

  16. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Ce Hash est facile à égrener et sent bon
    Ma Femme fait avec du beurre de l’huile et mélange ça avec arachide cajou farine amande sesame toute broyer en poudre

  17. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Le goût est comme le café qui reste longtemps , ça s’égrène bien .
    Je fais aussi beurre avec pour biscuits et c’est incroyable . Ma Femme dort tte biens avec 1 cookies
    Merci merci
    Bon prix aussi

  18. kim Wilkin (verified owner)

    Just got my order today and I swear this has to be the best-tasting hash I have ever smoked. Personally, I don’t get the coffee crisp but that does not change the fact I will buy more when this ounce runs out. The amazing price made this stuff double awesome
    I highly recommend.

  19. Kevin Page (verified owner)

    Great evening addition. I add it to my joint and it really give a great high!! Also it does smell a bit like coffee crisp!!

  20. alsheikh.rami (verified owner)

    Actually it’s one of the best Hash

  21. alsheikh.rami (verified owner)

    It’s my third time’s to order the same stuff

  22. alsheikh.rami (verified owner)

    It’s my third time’s to order the same hash

  23. blitzpat1979 (verified owner)

    Bon prix et bon buzz

  24. matthewryandemeester (verified owner)

    I am never disappointed when I order this hash. It has a great taste and the buzz is good too, I shared a piece with a buddy and he is also going to order some, he said it is the best he has had in a while.

  25. blitzpat1979 (verified owner)

    Verry good price and good buzz

  26. Kevin Page (verified owner)

    This is my go to for Hash, great flavor, texture and smoke!! I keep going back to it!!

  27. sylvain (verified owner)

    Bon goût brûlé bien

  28. alsheikh.rami (verified owner)

    Can’t stop oredring coffee crisp hash.

  29. Solenn Viens (verified owner)

    Bon h qualité/prix, comme du chocolat diabétique

  30. Kevin Page (verified owner)

    Coffee Crisp is my go too for hash, it has a great smell and taste, very much like coffee crisp. Well worth the purchase!!!

  31. john wersching (verified owner)

    love it so nice and strong

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