Cherry Pie – $2.46/gram – AA – Indica

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THC: 16%

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Cherry Pie is a indica dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Although it is hard to find the authentic version of this particular medical marijuana strain, it definitely will not be hard to believe that this is the best type of strain. In structural composition, it has dense buds with orange hair all over and displays a slight tint of purple. Inspiring the name of this medical marijuana strain, the aroma is that of cherry pies. It is most commonly used by patients who are suffering from evident symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines and other stress-oriented syndromes. Although it may cause dry eyes and mouth upon use by the patient, it definitely helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing body and mind, uplifting moods and focusing the conscience. For patients who are specially looking for something that would ease muscle stiffness and related ailments, this can definitely prove its rescuing ability. Conclusively, this is the best kind of medically favorable marijuana strain that patients prefer above all others; it diminishes the above mentioned syndromes in the most relaxing order and even though sedation may cause irritation, but its value is still undeniable.

Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Cherry Pie – $2.46/gram – AA – Indica

  1. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    This is a very potent strain that will leave you euphorically HIGH for literally hours.Not only was the experience fun but it calmed my nerves and helped deal with the pain of my arthritis and as a person who has been diagnosed as depressed it made me feel frozen and giddy.Would buy again in a heartbeat!!Enjoy.Thanks,Mike.

  2. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    I loved this strain;well worth the money:it helped my aches pain and Depression;The euphoric HIGH was a Bonus So was the strength and longevity of the HIGH ; ;loved the texture of the buds;easy to grind and soothing to smoke.recommend..

  3. floydd (verified owner)

    Damn good weed for your money, I’m definitely getting more.

  4. la_markyze (verified owner)

    Très bon weed.
    Parfait contre les maux de tête.
    Bonne compagnie honnête et rapide de livraison.

  5. floydd (verified owner)

    Awesome bud, helps me relax. Great bang for your buck.

  6. Peter Beeftink (verified owner)

    A very nice tasting bud. Definitely has that cherry like flavour to it. Probably the best AA bud out there. Decent stone, probably under rated for strength.

  7. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    Loved this strain;very nice smooth smoke;price was very reasonable;helps with my arthritis and anxiety;nice buds and great aroma;the high from this strain is exceptional;would buy again;enjoy;Thanks,Mike.

  8. floydd (verified owner)

    I really like this strain, I don’t know why it only rates at AA. Excellent bang for your buck.

  9. Mike Britton (verified owner)

    Great strain;helps with sleep,nerves and pain;price was reasonable;nice buds;great buzz!!would buy again;Thanks C.P.

  10. la_markyze (verified owner)

    Très bon. Expédition rapide

  11. floydd (verified owner)

    Love this strain, great at helping me relax st bed time.

  12. cheryl_dickinson (verified owner)

    Great price and product!

  13. Steeven Simard (verified owner)

    Excellent comme je le demande 👌

  14. maria.nunn (verified owner)

    Very tasty weed with cherry notes. Not bad bud size for AA. Clean smoke. Excellent value.

  15. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Ce pots là à un goût moyen il laisse un gout dans la gorge mais ça dort très bien après
    Ce indica là est correct
    Merci chronics

  16. Nadia Barrette (verified owner)

    Good strain to relieve pain and feel relaxed. I recommend!

  17. bobbylabonte992 (verified owner)

    Toujours le même bon goût qui me
    Rend High rapidement, buzz dure longtemps ,le goût est parfait .
    Ça devrait être plus que AA
    Le prix en vaut la peine

  18. Hannah M. (verified owner)

    LOVE this strain. Tastes incredible in the bong, and knocked me on my butt. Perfect for nights.

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