CANNDY Edibles Blue Raspberry – 200mg THC


All the best flavours from your childhood inspire these little sapphire gems of THC. Imagine bright blueberries delivering unreal tangy and sweet flavours of wild fruits. Blue Raspberry Canndies contain 25 mg of THC each, and are all embossed with a THC warning.

Each bag has 25mg of THC x 8 pieces.

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Canndy Edibles grew out of a desire to create the leading infused candies in Canada. Canndy designed these juicy bites of THC based on more than fifteen years of working in the British Columbian cannabis industry.

Plus, every Canndy Edible comes packed inside a childproof bag and stamped with a THC warning symbol to keep everyone well-aware of the ingredients. A happy edible experience is an informed one.

Canndy Edibles hit the perfect balance between that nostalgic gummy candy experience and a careful dose of THC. You’ll get an explosion of big juicy flavour in every pack, like Blue Raspberry, Cherry Cola, Fruit Punch and Grape.

Curate your ideal experience by selecting gummies with 15 mg of THC in a pack of 10, or up the ante with 25 mg of THC in a pack of 8. Each bag comes filled with a flavor packed experience.

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