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Burma Dried Mushrooms–The visual trip is slow at first, so you won’t get immediately freaked out if you’re new to Magic Mushroom Tripping. Then slow and steady, the imagery gets deeper and deeper. When your visual stimulation hits its peak, you’ll be seeing magical Unicorns farting rainbows surrounded by mystical creatures playing strange musical instruments. You’ll hear them sing songs that penetrate your soul and you’ll look up to a sky that is a colorful bright plaid instead of sky blue. Then you’ll hear insects and animals miles away, your hearing will become super-hearing. Then you’ll focus. You’ll hear a cricket, clear as day with no other interference. Then you will start to feel like you’re floating on water, with waves under you and then the water will thicken and you’ll be swimming in a pool of jello. You’ll get approximately 5 hours of amazing Visual Tripping.

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